Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shurijo castle

So I always wanted to go to a castle, favorably one in Europe. However, now that I reside in Japan I was left with Surijo Castle. It doesn't look like your ordinary castle, more like a large building with cool stuff painted on it. It was very, very red!! I did love that. Getting to the castle was another story. We had to take so many steps, it was insane. I thought that my friend, Tangela was going to pass out. She and her husband James went with Nick and me to see this lovely castle. It was an interesting trip since the argued the entire way there, if it wasn't over the radio it was her driving, or how he wouldn't just shut up while she drove. Nick and I were like the quite children in the back that were listening to every word. Nick of course added in things to make them go at each other a little more. So we got to the castle and saw some ladies in Komonos (being in Japan, you would think that's common, but it isn't). So you could get your picture taken with them, I was all for it until they gave us the price: 3000 yen!! What? That's almost $30. So we opted to avoid them after that. I had my own camera that takes just as good pic for free, thank you very much!! So we went and saw the castle, took pictures, and were done. It was a nice trip, but I don't really desire going back there. But the pictures were nice.


GrannySkywalker said...

Welcome to Blog World, Jodie. I know you're traveling right now so it might be awhile before your get back on. Can't wait to see you!!!

Kari said...

Jodie, you've been tagged. Check out my blog. You're supposed to post 8 random facts about yourself. I think. I'm new at this, you know! lol