Friday, September 28, 2007

Where is the fall weather?

Okay so I know I live on a tropical island, but I mean really where the cooler weather? It is so flippin hot here. You step outside and it feels like you are going to melt or smolder or something. It is terrible. I almost had a heat stroke the other day. It was really embarrassing because we were getting lunch. They have a place here called the Banyan Tree and every weekday they host a special lunch. Well we went on Wednesday for the first time to try their pasta bar. You get to pick your veggies, pasta, sauce, and meat. I chose broccoli, penne, Alfredo, and chicken. It was really good, by the way. But anyway, they cook it outside on a covered deck and so with the heat of outside and the heat of the burners it was quite hot. So first I thought I was going to gag over the smell of onions and peppers. I have a very sensitive nose these days. But I was holding my own, waiting in line, and then it was my turn to get mine cooked. Oh my goodness I almost passed out it. My heart started pounding, I could barely hold my own weight, and I felt my body break into a sweat. So I grabbed the closest thing to me (a table) and held on to it for balance. The little Japanese man cooking my food looked really worried, or maybe he thought I was a loon. I was telling him what to add to my dish and looking over at Nick in horror. He was like are you okay? I said no so he told me to go inside and he would get my food for me. I was so thankful to get inside. Once the cold air hit me I started sweating like crazy. It felt like my whole body had breathing holes. I know that sounds crazy but it's the only way I know how to describe it. So luckily after some water and food and air conditioning I felt a little better. But I am going to be honest it scared the fool out of me. When I got home I took a nice long nap. I have vowed as good as that pasta was, I won't be returning to eat there until December, when there's at least a nip in the air. Oh how I long for the cold weather. If anyone knows how please send Jack Frost my way.

I can't wait for October 27th.

Okay so remember when I threatened to shave my cat? Well, I attempted. I was all ready with my clippers in hand and it went well for the first maybe 2 seconds. I got a few clumps shaved and she went wild on me. She figured out how to get away from me, because my clippers have to be plugged in so I couldn't chase her down. So I thought I would just use some regular scissors, because the sound of the clippers was freaking her out. So I lock her in the bathroom with me and start to cut her hair. She turned into the devil. She hissed, and bit me several times. So I gave up. I can't take dealing with that devil cat. So I called the groomers and it seems that they can't get her in until October 27th, but I am all for it. I told them she needs to be fully shaved. I know she won't be the prettiest thing in the world, but then I won't have to deal with vacuuming every day. So here's her before picture.....
Would you want to have to clean up all this white hair?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You know what really grinds my gears?

Okay so I am so ashamed that I took a quote from that dumb TV show (Family Guy) but I like it. So now that I am just a bit pissy. I will let you know what grinds my gears:

1. When you show people something you are proud of and they look at you like you are insane and go "Oh well that's a big tree, I've never seen anything like that before" Yes, folks I am talking about my fall tree. How dare someone show any hate for it.

2. People who don't use table manners. Come on, how hard is it to close your mouth when you chew? Don't talk with food in your mouth, people don't want to see that. Wipe your mouth. I could go on but those are my major peeves.

3. Know it alls or someone who always has a bigger and better story than yours. Oh my goodness, there's nothing worse than when you are talking about something that happened in your life and someone goes, "Oh yeah well the same thing happened to me but (mine was worse, I waited longer, my pain was worse, etc.) I can't stand it!!!

4. People who call you but either a) don't have anything to talk about or b) they tell you the same stories over and over again.

5. When you are waiting in a long line and another opens up and the people behind you run over there and get in it first. So then you are still stuck in the same line with the same wait time. AHHHH!

6. When the person in front of you fails to use their turn signal. Hello people I am not a mind reader. Use your bleeping signal, that's what it's for.

7. People that you know are going to talk about you as soon as you leave the room. There is no worse feeling than leaving somewhere thinking, "What are they saying about me ?"

8. Children who back talk their parents and the parents just laugh about it or say in a really giddy voice, "Now don't say that to me dear." You have a hand you need to use it on their little butts.

9. When you see something in the store and think oh I will get it next time. Then when next time comes it is no longer there or is not available in the size or color you wanted.

10. People giving advice on things they have no business talking about. For instance, I had someone tell me one time that since I was having trouble having a baby that maybe God didn't want me to have children of my own. While she sat there with two of her own that are nice and healthy. It hurt my feelings so bad. People please think before you speak.

Okay so I will stop at ten because I need to calm myself after getting all worked up thinking about people that have angered or hurt me in the past. And yes it all started with the hate for my fall tree. But can you blame me? I think it's lovely, sure it need some more decorations, but geez I thought I did a good job so far. So sorry if I went a little off the deep end, but hey I am just a bit hormonal at the moment. So if you see me ranting and raving on here please know my intentions are good. I just have some built up rage that my pregnancy is bring out. Lord help my husband. ha. So now that I have let off some steam, tell me what really grinds your gears? ( Sissy this would be a fun post for you, trust me!)

In celebration of the 1st day of Fall

I wish I had more but I guess I will have to settle with what I got. I still have to put my scarecrow outside. I just wish that the fall weather would come now. It makes me get in the best mood. It is the BEST time of the year. You have to love the crispness of the air and the beautiful colors. Man, I need to live somewhere that actually has Fall. Any suggestions?

I told you so....

I did it! I got my fall tree up. It is enormous, but I love it. I still of course need more decorations, but my mom sent some stuff in the mail and I will be making a trip back to the craft store soon. I know I complained that they never have anything, and I go in there yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes. I was thrilled. So I spent $30 to start and here's the final product of that. Once I add more stuff to it I will post new pics. But tell me what you think so far....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I want a fall tree!!

Okay so as crazy as it sounds I want to put up my Christmas tree. I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I am getting a really bad itch to do it. My only solution is to do a Fall tree, cause my mother in law saw one at Hobby Lobby and it looks fabulous. But I have a major problem. This dumb little island doesn't sell much fall stuff. It's a shame, I know. It makes me mad. It makes me miss the states so bad. I want a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, something. This place has HORRIBLE shopping, that is unless of course you like Asian decor, which I don't. Sure some of it is okay, like the lamps I recently bought. But most of it looks cheesy to me. So here I am mad that I can't put up my tree. I need something to get me in that cheery mood. I want it to get cooler outside or something. I am grasping here. So you never know I may end up putting that tree up next week. I will keep you posted.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Blood Test

So I went and got my blood drawn on Monday and they told me it could take 2-4 weeks to get my results. It didn't seem like it took that long last time. So hopefully we will get results soon. I am going to assume that I will be going over that with the High Risk doctor, since Bozo doesn't have a clue. I am going to bring it up for sure. I had complained last time I went in to the nurse about how I thought I should be on the shots and she went and talked to the doctor (high-risk) for me. They told her that until I come back with a full positive they don't want to give me them, because it could cause me to miscarry being that my blood would be too thin. I guess it made sense. So I am left here waiting.

Another visit to Doogie Houser (as my husband calls him)

There's the newest pic of my little one. It is between the two little x's if you are wondering.
Okay so I am feeling about 75% better than I was, which is a long way from yesterday afternoon. I was plain pitiful, but feel much better. Although my friends tell me today that I still look AWFUL. I took no offense to this because, well I looked in the mirror this morning and WOW I have had better days. But to be honest yesterday was the worst. I looked like Frankenstein's wife. It was scary. I even thought of taking a picture to show you, but then I decided not to embarrass myself that way. So anyway I had an appointment with my OB today. It went as follows: Mrs. Adams get undressed from the waist and below. So I go and do so and actually didn't have to wait forever to be seen. He came in and did my ultrasound and guess what? There it was plain as day a little beating heart!! I am so happy about it, I even said, "Yeah!" when I saw it. It was pretty awesome. So anyway, Bozo, that' s what I will refer to him as. But before I start I will once again say he's a very nice man, just a few cards short of a deck. So anyway, I get dressed and go into his office where he tells me that he's not too happy about me losing weight, yeah so I lost 3 pounds in a week, SUE me, when food looks, smells, and taste gross that's what happens. I told him it was because I was sick and have been terribly nauseated, not throwing up, but wishing I would at times. So he tells me that I should have called him so he could get me a prescription to help me out. WHAT? You mean to tell me there's something I can take that's healthy for the baby that will knock this crap out? You are kidding me. No, he says I will get you on B6 and Phenergan. I asked once more if it was safe (he said it was);I can't tell you I'm still not a little paranoid about it. I have been researching this all day folks. So anyway just when I think my visit was wonderful he goes yeah you won't be getting another ultrasound until your about 20 weeks. WHAT? Now I know you are really kidding me. I can't wait that long without one. Don't you know my history? Don't you know that the last time I went for 7 weeks without one I then found out I had lost all my fluid? Haven't you read my chart???? He then says about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. "Well if you have any symptoms or leaking like last time come in and we will check you out!" Oh my goodness. So you may not know the story of my first pregnancy but this man should after all he's my trustee doctor, that I had told the story to the previous week. I didn't ever leak fluid, my son's anatomy was messed up causing him to never be able to release the amniotic fluid after he swallowed it. That's what babies do in the womb they drink the fluid in and pee it out, it's a cycle they do over an over again. So anyway, I told him again. I never leaked, there were no symptoms, we wouldn't have known anything was wrong had I not gotten an ultrasound. So he says, "Maybe I should notate that in your chart." You think. WOW. So I was mad. Luckily I am scheduled with the high-risk doc on Oct. 2nd where I will be bringing up the possibility of a new doctor. And no this is not the end of the story. So I go to the pharmacy to get my prescription, where they happen to be using a new system, and wait and wait. About 20-30 minutes later they call me up and say there's a problem with the way my prescription is written up. It only says 4, it doesn't say 4 hours, 4 pills, or anything, just a 4. So they ask me to sit back down while they call the doctor to ask him. To make a long story short. We went thorough this routine about 4 times. They would call me up there and say they were calling the doc to get his opinion on what to give me. Once I had been there for an hour and a half I had all I could take. I had seen the waiting room clear out twice in the time I sat there. So I politely go up to the counter and ask if if would be faster for me to just walk up the the 5th floor to ask him myself. They all looked a little panicked, asking each other "He hasn't called back yet?" Then the pharmacist came and said I apologize for your wait, he probably didn't call back because he was embarrassed about the way he wrote it up. So they finally gave me my medicine in time for me to go out into a horrible rainstorm that soaked me to the bone. Yeah could have been a better day, but hey my baby's heart is beating, it doesn't get much better than that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I know I am MIA

It seems I have come down with a sickness that includes cold like/flu like symptoms. I will be getting back to blogland as soon as I feel like I can hold my head up for more than 5 minutes. I can't wait to read what all I have missed. Talk to you soon!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recent projects from my trip back home..

More coming soon......

Some pictures of pages I made at my scrapbook club

I know two don't have pictures yet. I am working on that......

My scrapbook party

So I had a Close to my Heart party today. For those of you that don't know what that is I will explain. It's a home show with card making/scrap booking supplies. You all sit around eat, do a project, and them order some things. So our project was a card that I think is simply adorable. Don't you think? Sorry it's not the best picture. So I got lucky and had a party of over $500 in sales so I got $120 of free stuff and 2 half priced items. But no I couldn't stop there, folks I hate to admit it but I spent a whopping $140 on top of all I got free. I know I am an addict, I can't deny it. But I talked myself in to it because a) I bought my mother in laws birthday present, b) I bought my mom a stamp she asked for and finally c) this is a future career for me and I am helping my business. Yeah you heard it right I am going to sign up to be a consultant doing what I love most teaching people the art of scrap booking. I am so excited and nervous about it. Who knew you could make money doing something you love? I sure didn't until now. So I am going to sign up next month hopefully after I discuss it further with my husband. So if you are interested in the products that Close to my Heart sales I will be available and open for business soon. You can contact me at It is so much fun I can't wait. Oh I almost forgot to post the girls at work around my dining room table.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm so glad to make you smile!!!

So Aunt Sandi has awarded me with this award. Saying that I, Jodie Adams, make her smile!! How sweet of her to award me with such a high honor. Truth is she makes me smile with her comments and sweetness. Yes I said sweetness, she's one the kindest people I've never met. Sure I wish we could meet, but it's kinda hard when you live on the other side of the world. She wrote the nicest things about me on her post. She laughed about me shaving my ratty old cat, but truth be told I've been eyeing her all night and she's about to get the cutters, soon. Heck she may be half bald by the time I get done with this post. I took a before picture already, now onto the after pic.... Oh and thank you Aunt Sandi, you are a rare jewel, we will meet one day, I hope!!! I would pass this award on to my two trustee blog buddies, you know who you are, but they've both already received it. So If you are able to double award someone, then I want to award my mother in law, Sissy, and of course Aunt Sandi.
I award Sissy, because no matter what her stories make me laugh. She can be talking about something as simple as how she hates to cook(even thought she's one of the best cooks I know) or about how she scares easily by a spider, she never ceases to amuse me. She's probably one of the funniest people I know, hmmm maybe I should be awarding her with a you make me laugh award. Silly me.
And Aunt Sandi, well she's an old soul. She enjoys the simple things in life. She has stories that make perfect sense to me. Oh and she ALWAYS comments my posts. You gotta love that. It's like when you had AOL and it said "You've got mail!" You just want to jump up and down with joy. Thank you both for the happiness you bring to my life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the roller coaster begins.....

So here it is the first picture of my baby, it only took 20 minutes to get it. I say that sarcastically. So here's the scoop: I got a new doctor and come to find out he's only been here 3 weeks. That would be fine and dandy if he knew a little more about how to use the equipment and things in his office. So I go in to his office, nervous as can be, and start having to go through my pregnancy history. He writes it all down. I tell him about my endometriosis and that I have Antiphospholipid Antibody syndrome. He goes on to say we will be doing an exam and ultrasound but he wants to look at my labs before we do all that. So he sends me to another room to get ready for it. I wait and wait for like 15 minutes, no lie, while I can hear a horrible noise in the other room that was making me cringe. It sounded like when they do your pap smear and put it in the jar and spin it around. Ladies you know what I am talking about. So anyway when he finally comes in he tells me to lay back. While he's fondling my breast he's like yeah the tissue feels good, so I say well it hurts to be honest. "Oh that's a good thing!" he says. So on the the pap, which I hate! They always hurt and are uncomfortable. So we get that done, which in my opinion lasted too long also. Then on the the ultrasound. I forewarned him that it is hard to get to my uterus, cause it's down turned, and he's like it won't be so bad. Yeah that's what every darn doctor says to me until they get in there. So he starts looking and looking. Finally after about 4 minutes of pain he finds it, but can't seem to keep it. "You were right about it being hard to get, my arm is starting to hurt" he says. My reply, "Sorry I told you it was hard and you think you hurt? I promise I'm in more pain than you." So he keeps apologizing. Don't get me wrong he's very nice and tries to be funny. However, here comes the kicker. While looking for the baby he finds it and says I think it has a heartbeat. So being that I didn't hear anything I was like well why can't I hear it. He tells me you can't hear it until 12 weeks. Well, I know for a fact that you can hear it long before that. I h eard Conner's at 6 weeks.He then tells me maybe if he were using a more high tech ultrasound we could hear it. But yet again I feel he was wrong because last time they used the same ultrasound machine on me and they could zoom it in to where you could see the blood flow and all that. Seriously he didn't know how to do that. So the whole time I could have heard my baby's heartbeat but he was just so clueless with the machine it didn't happen. He and I both could see the heartbeat because you could see it throbbing but no sound. So I was a bit disappointed. And yes it took 20 minutes for the total ultrasound because he kept pushing the wrong buttons. So I am due to go back next Friday to see if we can get a better view of the heart so he says. Maybe in that 15 minutes that I will be waiting I will figure out the machine myself and tell him what to push. SERIOUSLY!!! Oh and my other concern with him is that he may not want to put me on Heparin shots. He says since I am only borderline he wants to get another blood test done to see what it says before we put me on a drug that will harm me. I guess it causes bone loss and major bruising, due to low platelets. I told him I just want to keep this baby healthy. I can take extra calcium and so what if I look like I am being abused? I will be carrying a healthy baby that's going to make it. I feel happy but frustrated at the same time. So as I said I am on a roller coaster, but hopefully it will have an exciting ending.

Happy Birthday Sissy!

My beautitul Mother in

law had a birthday today. I hope it was wonderful. We wish we could be there to celebrate. We love and miss you! Nick, Jodie, and Maddy

Wishing, hoping, and praying for a heartbeat!

Okay so I am about to leave for my appointment. It's all in God's hands now. I will be thrilled with a heartbeat, or two. Ha ha. I will let you know what happens.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I witnessed a crime.

So a few days ago Maddy and I were taking Tinkerbell to the vet. We were stopped at a red light and a girl was walking across the road. From the other side a woman went ahead and went and hit the girl walking. Luckily she was only going about 10 miles per hour so it didn't make the girl fall. But I know it had to of hurt her. This was off base might I add. It was two Japanese ladies involved. So she hit her on her left leg and side. The lady pulled over to make sure the girl was okay, and luckily she was. I was amazed to see that she actually hit her. Talk about not paying attention. So now while driving off base I am extra cautious. It is scary out there. Just thought I would share that craziness.

My newest find....

Okay so I actually got these a few weeks ago but am just now getting to blogging about it. I found these lamps at the BX. Nick's lamp on his side of the bed had just broke and I thought, hmmm those would be cute in my room. Plus they gave me the opporotunity to put up more pictures. I always love an excuse for that. So the pictures are of both sides of my lamp, Nick has yet to put pictures in his. They kind of have a asian look to them, but for once I like it. Tell me what you think?? Oh and don't make fun of my plain white walls. I live in base housing and I refuse to have to paint it back that way. LOL

Polka dots!

Okay so I finally finished painting the letters of Maddy's name to go on her wall . I did her room in purple and lime green. I figured that polka dots would be cute so I did it and I think they turned out adorable. Don't you think?

I remember 9/11

What a terrible day it was September 11th, 2001. I was getting ready for school, watching Good Morning America as I always did and to my amazement I saw the World Trade Center on fire from a plane. After sitting there watching it for a few minutes I saw a shadow and another plane hit the other building. I felt the tears flood my eyes. How could we be getting attacked now? It is very scary when you have no control and don't know where the next target may be. I was worried because we only lived about half an hour from Eglin Air Force Base, one of the biggest bases, I believe. So as the rest of America did, I watch the TV and listened to the radio all day in horror. The pictures of all the attacks terrified me, I felt so many emotions. I had to work that afternoon and we turned on the radio to listen to what was going on. We were under attack and didn't know where the next target was. It was so scary, overwhelming, and unforgettable. I worked at movie gallery at the time so when people came in to rent movies, to get away from the sadness on the TV, they would talk about it and cry. It was heartbreaking. I don't think America will ever be the same after that day. Sure some people may have forgotten, but for the most part I believe people remember. How could you forget, when we are still dealing with the problems from that day? So many people lost their lives and many still are. I believe most everyone knows someone in our armed forces, they are the people who are defending us. They are the ones that put their life on the line to help keep us safe and free from harm. It makes me mad when people get down on the military and do horrible things at their funerals. How dare they treat them and their families that way. Being in the military is so selfless. They are literally putting their country before themselves. They are saying, "I will defend my country until I no longer can." To me they are all heroes. May I add that I include policemen and women and firefighters in that too. They too are out there everyday saving lives, putting others before themselves. They are our heroes. No one can tell me different. And if you feel offended because you are one of those people who are aren't behind our military then you need to go read somewhere else because you aren't welcome at my blog. Go watch World Trade Center or listen to God bless the USA and tell me that you don't feel somewhat emotional. Go ahead do it, I dare you!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

My little panda......

So anyone that knows me, knows that my favorite animal is the Panda bear. It has been since I was a little girl. I love them. They are so darn cute. While Nick and I were dating I finally got to see one at the Atlanta zoo. He took me there on a mini vacation. I know how sweet, right? So anyway you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Maddy's school mascot is none other than a panda bear. I never knew that Pandas were mascots! So yesterday was her open house and we took pictures by all he panda things on the walls. She was so excited to show me her school, that she "knows all about!" It was too funny. Each student had to write their parents a note for coming to their class. When I read Maddy's I felt myself on the verge of tears. Hormones kicking in I guess. But her note was so sweet saying she was glad we were there and that Nick and I are her heart. It was really too sweet. I just knew other parents were going to see me crying like a loon. Oh well I don't know them so who cares? I was also the only parent taking pictures. Are these people crazy? Don't they want pictures of their kids from school? Well turns out I was the crazy one with a camera, but it was well worth it. Look at these pictures they are too sweet!

Warming up

After a week, Anakin is finally starting to warm up to Tinkerbell. He of course still growls at her from time to time, when she gets in his face, but he seems to like her for the most part. I am not sure if he will ever play with her, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I took this picture a few nights ago. It was such a cute moment. I hope things keep getting better and better with them. Chloe, my cat, is another story. She growls, hisses, and acts like Tinkerbell is her next meal. But she's going to get hers because I am planning on shaving her bald this weekend. She has got her hair so messed up that it has to be done. Oh and yes I will be posting pics for all the world to see.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mood swings, sore breast, sensitive nose.... yeah I'm pregnant!

So I am getting closer to my 6th week of pregnancy and it's all starting to hit me, the symptoms I mean. Luckily they aren't really bad, well except the mood swings. I am so irritable lately. I can't help it and I wish I could. I find that so many things annoy me. I don't want to feel this way but it's so hard not to. I was never like this with previous pregnancies, but maybe it's the stress of it all taking its toll on me. I really don't know, but I need help for real!! Okay so not professional help but a break or something. Nick will be leaving soon, maybe tomorrow, which I am not really looking forward to. I have had to turn down all my AM work for next week because I don't have a babysitter for that early in the morning. I feel bad having to turn down work, especially when we could really use the money. With a baby on the way you always need money. We have nothing for a baby, I mean the big stuff anyway. We have a collection of outfits and toys that we have bought with all the other pregnancies. However, I feel stressed about the big things. I know why am I worrying about this now? I just found out, but as I said in a previous blog, I am a worrier. I worry about everything, ALL the time. It is such a curse. Anyway so back to this moodiness. I feel horrible about it, but it gets the best of me and before I know it I am steaming out my ears, nose and mouth. Nick asked me why I am so irritable. My reply, "Because everyone gets on my nerves!" I know, not the nicest thing to say, but for now it's true. I am hoping for a nice night of sleep so that I can wake up with a new attitude in the morning. Lord knows I don't want my bad attitude to rub off on my baby. Wow it just occurred to me I have a baby growing inside of me. It's weird the love that I feel for someone I don't know anything about. It is amazing isn't it?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

For Aunt Sandi, introducing Leia...

So call her a chipmunk, a squirrel, or mickey mongoose(as the little girl across the street does) whatever she is she's entertaining. That's our Leia!!

Fertility tickers do work...

I am happy to report that we have a bundle of joy on the way. I am very excited as is Nick. Our due date is around the 9th or 10th of May. I have my first appointment on September 13th at 10:15. We have to have a heartbeat so that I can get Heparin shots, which I am not looking forward to. The reason I have to have shots is because I have
Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome, which means my blood clots too much. I have had two miscarriages due to that. This time I am really hoping for good news. So please if you would pray that we have a healthy baby in May. Oh and for those of you that are just finding out I am sorry I am trying to keep it kind of low key until my appointment. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A man and his Yorkie, how sweet!!

Pedicures are awesome!

Maddy and I went and got pedicures on Friday night. It is always a good way to end the day. She wasn't too excited at first, but I've realized with her excitement isn't in her nature. Once we got there she was happy and has already asked to go back. I guess when she was telling the girl what she wanted there was a miscommunication and she ended up with a pink background with a frog on the big toe and fish on the little ones. She was supposed to get a blue background with pink and green fish but it didn't' turn out as planned. I guess that's what happens when a southern accent and the Japanese get together. I know I was wrong for that, but really imagine Maddy and this little Japanese girl communicating. Too funny! I told her next time I will tell them what she wants so it turns out right. And yes there will be a next time because over here it's almost a monthly deal. It's just too wonderful to pass up. It's $40 for 2 to 2 1/2 hours of them papering your feet and legs. Come on it's total bliss and worth the money!!

and Anakin's not too happy about it!!!

So here's my mad little man. He is so jealous of the new puppy. He has gotten a little better. However he still growls at her if she gets too close to him. What a little brat! This pic was taken right after the one above of Tinkerbell. Can you see the hurt and anger in his eyes?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tinkerbell has arrived...

Yes it's true. I finally got my little Tinkerbell, well she's a female yorkie, but I think the name is cute. I have always wanted a female yorkie so I could name her that. We were going to wait until we could mate our male yorkie and then get a female puppy, but well.... we were impatient. It all started out as a trip to buys some DVDs. The DVD's are for sale off base next to a place called Puppy Luv. So anyway, my husband has been dying for a Chihuahua and we were going to take a peek to see if they had any. Well needless to say they didn't, but they did have two baby yorkies. I was looking at the boy, not even thinking about buy one. But they are so darn cute you can't help but want one. The owner of the store told us we could hold them so I picked up the male. Nick decided to hold the little girl. Not too long after that Nick was like, "Ask how much they are!" I didn't want to since I knew it would be a lot. Which I was right, but they had a payment plan. Who knew you could buy a dog in monthly installments? I sure didn't. So then Nick asked me if I had the checkbook. "Checkbook, no I do not have it with me, why do you ask?" was my reply. I saw the gleam in his eye; he had been captured by the little half pound girl. He kept coaxing me by saying we would make our money back when she had puppies. He also said he would give up his need for a Chihuahua. So how could I resist? We came home and picked up the checkbook and went back to get my little angel. She's so cute and sweet. She's very attached to me already and I admit that I love it. Sadly, the second night we had her she got really sick, almost died actually. So we took her to the vet and found out she has Hyperglycemia. So now she has to be fed every 2-3 hours. She's just like having a baby around the house, I guess she's preparing me.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Her Shi-sa Dog

At Okinawa World they had a pottery place where you got to choose something to make. Maddy chose a Shi-sa dog. They are symbols of good luck here. The are supposed to ward off evil spirits. Most people put them on each side of the entrance of their house. But some are also placed on rooftops, graves, and shrines. Usually they are placed in pairs: the one with the mouth open represents the male getting rid of evil and the one with a closed mouth is a female holding the happiness. Maddy made the male one. She's doing her best impression of him above. How funny?

To the Bat Cave...

We went to Okinawa World yesterday to see the caves. Nick and Maddy loved it of course. The cave was huge. It took us a good 30 minutes of almost constant walking to get thorough it. We had so much fun looking at everything. Maddy was making a plan on where everything would be if we lived there. She already picked herself out a room and swimming pool. It was pretty funny. She put a lot of thought into it. She has a very creative mind. The cave was really neat, we even saw a bat flying around. Nick said he wants to have a room like that in our house. You know someone is a fan of Batman when he wants his own Bat Cave. But it would be pretty cool...