Monday, April 20, 2009

1 year

*Before I start my post I wanted to ask that everyone keeps my sister-in-law, Desiree in their prayers for she lost her fiancee, Russell, to a car accident on April 5th. They were to have been married April 19th. It is so heartbreaking. We were able to fly to Texas for the funeral last week. It was a hard week, a very sad time for the family. Please just pray that Desiree finds some peace and comfort during this hard time.

My Big 1 year old! Kara's smash cake. Not exactly what I pictured, but still cute!Her Care Bear cake!
She LOVED it!
Happy, messy girl! It was everywhere, we had to wash her down before taking her home. It was even in her diaper, YUCK! About to open her 1st present!

Her Bedtime Bear from Granny and Grandpa.

She really wasn't that into the present opening but in her defense it was past her nap time.

On a happier note, on April 17th, our Kara turned a year old! It amazes me that it's been that long, but then I can't hardly remember life before her. She is a joy to be around for everyone that knows her. How she has blessed my life I can never explain. She is the greatest gift that I've ever received in my life. Watching her grow and learn is always entertaining and fulfilling. I am so thankful for my little girl. I have a few pics to share. Once I get the others I will try to post those too.

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