Monday, March 30, 2009

An eventful week

This past week has been so crazy and stressful! Kara started running a fever on Thursday night that has continued through today. On Friday night it jumped to 104 so I took her to the emergency room (under her docs orders). They looked in her ears, nose, mouth and found nothing. Then they checked her urine, which means she had to get a catheter. It was horrible to watch them do that to my baby (she totally freaked out). Once again they found nothing. We still don't know the cause of her high fevers. Being that she's doing everything normal besides eating, I am going to go with it being teething. It looks like her top left tooth may be coming in any day now. I took her to the doc today for a follow up and they ordered blood work. Unfortunately her veins were no where to be found so we have to go back in the morning for a retry. My poor baby.

On Friday afternoon, I noticed I hadn't seen Tink (my female yorkie) in a while. I had left the sliding glass door open so the dogs could run in and out that day. After calling for her, I realized there was a little area that she could have gotten out of the yard. Unfortunately she had done just that. We searched the neighborhood and still no Tink. I was crying my eyes out when my neighbor came home and offered to help. We searched the neighborhood once more and still didn't find her. A woman we saw said she saw her down the hill. I kept thinking that we were going to find her ran over. We looked and she wasn't there. When we got back home, my neighbor offered to drive around the neighborhood. After about 5 minutes she came back and said she saw a woman walking and she told her she had taken her to the vet. I was SUPER relieved. God was good to me that day, he answered my prayer that Tink was safe and would be able to come home. So I left Kara with my neighbor (my first time leaving her with anyone but family) and went to get Tink. The vet office (which isn't where I take Tinkerbell) wouldn't let me have her until I could prove she was my dog. I had to pull all her shot records out and bring them up there. Then I had to go to her other vet (off base) to get her most recent shot records. They still wouldn't let me leave with her until I had her get a microchip and a heart worm test ($65 total). It was insane. To be blunt, I was PISSED off big time! Luckily seeing my little puppy cooled my nerves. I am so glad to have that little rascal back, even though she drives me crazy sometimes. Oh and I made sure to fix the fence!!

So now that I have went on about all the bad things going on around here something good happened... Kara took her first steps tonight! We were in her room and I was sitting on the floor calling for her to come to me. She was standing holding on her her rocker and turned to me and took 4 steps into my arms. It was SUPER thrilling. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy when I was singing about what a big girl she was. I was very proud, but sad her daddy missed it. By next week I may be second thinking this whole walking thing, but for tonight I am celebrating.

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