Friday, May 29, 2009

Wanting her youth back

Here's Chloe in Kara's rocking chair. She was much heavier then....

Chloe in Kara's bouncy seat.

Her newest love is the swing, which Kara doesn't use anymore. Oh and can't you tell my cat has been on a diet? She's lost a few pounds and I am proud of her for it!!!

It seems Chloe, our cat, has begun to wish she was the baby in the house. I have found her numerous times using Kara baby items as her own. I find it hilarious and wanted to share the pics that I have managed to get. I have missed out on a few...but snapped most of the funny ones. In addition to finding her in baby items I also caught her sleeping in our dryer once. Thank goodness I saw her in there. Could you imagine how traumatizing that would have been? This cat, while annoying at times, is quite amusing. If only I could keep her from shedding and using a few spots in my house as her own personal litter box, then she would be perfect! But I am going to take her to the vet to see why she's using my carpet rather than her box at times. I have heard it could be an underlying medical condition. Anyone else ever have this happen? I am at my wits end over it, which is my reason for this post to remember why I love her.....

Her in the dryer one night. Silly cat!

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