Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Decorating in my mind....

It seems the closer we get to leaving the island the more I think about about decorating my new house. Yeah, the house I don't have yet!!! But in my mind it's beautiful and colorful!! And I am hoping, wishing, and dreaming it is in Florida!! But anyway, while thinking of color schemes and decorating ideas I have come up with a few things I want to do. But before I reveal those things here are a few things I found at a local store to help my inspiration.
This is a picture frame that I chose for my room. I actually bought two of them so that both, Nick and myself, can have one on our nightstand. They are 5x7s, which is my favorite picture size!!! They are a lime green with a small light blue stripe. LOVE these colors together. I also bought a candle plate in the same green for $2 in the clearance section of Target.com. YAHOO! Now if I could only find a comforter to match. Anyone seen anything that might look good with this? If so tell me where!!!Now this is what really got me excited... A picture frame and candle holder for Maddy's room. I knew I wanted to do her room in bright colors, so when I saw this I was in awe! I know what you are thinking, it's just a picture frame....but it's lovely isn't it? I have also found her a comforter set on JCPenny.com that is just gorgeous. I am thinking of painting one accent wall in her room of this same pink and doing the other three walls in this green-blue. What do you think? Oh and another reason I liked the candle holder so much is that it has a little Japanese decor on it, which Maddy will love. I wanted something to remind her of her time here!!

As for the rest of the house.....I know most of the color schemes but am still working on what I need to buy for them. One thing I am certain on is how I want to paint Kara's room, but am having a hard time finding a comforter that I like for it. Her room will be done in the lovely pink/brown that I wish I would have done for her nursery. I want to do the bottom half of her wall in 12 inch stripes of alternating chocolate brown and pretty pink. Then the top half will be solid pink with large brown polka dots. I will need to get some kind of molding to be the separator, which will most likely be white. I am also planning on redoing some old book shelves we have in storage for the girls rooms. I am going to paint them white and may do some stenciling on them for extra flare, but I am not sure yet. That way the girls have somewhere for their books. Both of our girls love books and need somewhere to put them.

My living room will be done in blue/brown. I have several little items that I have been collecting for a while to decorate with. But we will need to buy new living room furniture (in either brown or tan) and end tables. I figure that will be something I do when I get back to the states. CAN'T WAIT!!!

My dining room will be done in purple, because I just can't give up having at least one purple room just yet. I have a really pretty purple tea set that's going to look so pretty in a china cabinet. Also that will leave me with a place to put my purple/silver Christmas tree! hee hee! Have I mentioned I can't wait?

The kitchen and bathrooms are still up in the air for me. The are really last on my priority list of things to decorate, because they will be easier to do. I know one bathroom will be done in blue/brown because I already have the stuff, but otherwise I have no clue. This is the stuff that keeps me up at night. But it is fun to think about. I am so tired of plain white walls. Help me Tom Cruise...help me! Okay couldn't resist a little line from the movie "Talladega nights" sorry!!

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Anonymous said...

baby girl what going on with the brown!Have you gone and fell in love with brown are what. Every room you talk about you putting brown in it with a color either blue or pink or bluegreen. oh my mistake you did say you want one purple room. I just teasing you brown is a good netural color and it bring all your rooms together to have at less one color that flows. I can wait until you can get you new home. i love you baby girl talk to you soon. mom