Friday, July 31, 2009

POSITIVE thinking!

According to my MIL's blog it was POSITIVE thinking day yesterday. Being that I am on a different time zone, I am just going to go with today being POSITIVE thinking day for me. A young girl came up with this idea, which is really exciting! I love the thought of doing a post that is entirely (well almost) POSITIVE. If you are feeling happy (or down) and want to read others POSITIVE thoughts then just click on There you can read other posts and find out how this day got established.

On with the POSITIVE talk....Let me first say that POSITIVE has not been in my house lately. It started with the death of my sister-in-laws husband. It was tragic and very sad. He was only 26 years old. This got my husband thinking that death may be just around the corner for him. I mean heck, we are 28 years old, already older than Russ ever made it in life!!! As soon as we got back from the funeral, we celebrated our daughter's 1st birthday (which was a happy time). But that was also the start of several TDY's for my husband. There was no down time for him to truly grieve or come to terms with it. It became a dark time in our lives, being that several things also came up. I won't go into detail, for the details don't really matter, but it was a hard time. Truth is that it's still a hard time, but this week has been better. Nick has been home on leave and we have had time to hang out and reflect on a lot of things. I have been a POSITIVE thinker most of my life, and refuse to let the negative things to get me down anymore. There are so many POSITIVE things in my life right now that I would like to share with you. The number one POSITIVE thing in my life is my daughter. She is the happiest child! It's hard not to be happy around her because she's so happy and full of life. We tried for a long time to have a child and were blessed with an amazing little girl. She is absolutely breathtaking! Secondly, my husband and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. The odds have never been in our favor so this is a huge accomplishment! We had a couple's massage, nice dinner and lunch, and watched a movie at the theater (Harry Potter). It was the first time that we have left Kara with a sitter for us to go and do something together. It was much needed, and I think we may do it more often. More good news is that we will be PCSing in Feb./March of next year. We have missed the states so much and are so happy to returning soon. This week has been filled with talk of houses, decorating, and furniture for our future! We are also keeping POSITIVE that we will end up back in Florida, which is near Maddy, my family, and friends! Nick has even agreed to try to hang out with (and get to know)my friends and their husbands! This is a super HUGE deal to me. Nick has come out of his shell so much since being in Okinawa. He has learned that having friends is fun and vital in life!! We have been spending a lot of time at the local pool, which is so stress free and fun. I also enjoy having a tan from doing so!!! We are trying to appreciate the time we do have left here and make the best of it. In November, we have a trip to Tokyo Disney planned!!! I can't tell you how trilled I am about this. I love Disney! The thought of going to Disney in Japan is just so exciting. The memories we have to make!! It gets me all happy inside. Speaking of... FALL is always a happy time for me and it's just around the corner. There is something about the crispness that the air brings when the temperatures start to drop. Thinking about it gets my heart all a flutter!! YAHOO! So there you have it just a few reasons why I am feeling POSITIVE today. I will end this with my most favorite (and a little cheesy) quote: When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!!!


jennifer said...

Your post was very touching to read. The fact that you've gone through some truly rough times and stopped to think about what is positive in your life for Positive Day... well, I'm thankful and humbled at the same time.

How wonderful that your week has been good - I'm glad that there are some positive changes happening in your life. And Kara is beautiful. I know she is the joy of your life!

Thank you so much for participating. You really have blessed me with this post.

jennifer said...

Oh! And if you don't mind, I am going to link you with the other participants. If you'd rather not, let me know and I'll pull your post from the list.

Thanks again!

Sandi McBride said...

Hi sweetie, haven't seen you in a glad that you'll be returning home soon. Yes, these friends you make in the military will be friends you can have all your life! Great post, thanks for sharing your feelings
love to all
Aunt Sandi (and Uncle Wallace)

Travis said...

I'm here from Jen's linky.

This is a great post. I think you captured the spirit behind positive day.

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. And you have my deepest sympathies for your loss.

Happy Positive Day!

Anonymous said...

You have been through some trying times and I'm sorry for your loss, but to turn it around and be positive is a well deserved credit on your part. Excellent my friend. This is what Positive Day is all about. Happy Positive Day, 2009. Aloha

Donna said...

I need to get a BIG dose of that positive thinking going on, LOL! I've been down in the dumps for so long and need to drag myself out of it.

You have a beautiful little family and much to be grateful for! Happy anniversary, BTW, and best wishes for your upcoming trip to Disney!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.