Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pregnancy update....

First, I apologize for not blogging in a while. I had a bad time with morning sickness (more like ALL day sickness) that kept me on the couch for a few weeks. Luckily that has started to subside, I am now 11 weeks pregnant, making my due date April 22nd. Everything went well at the doctors, where I got an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat (160 bpm). I have another ultrasound scheduled for November 9th where we should find out the sex of the baby. Speaking of, I took an at home test to determine what the baby will be and it said BOY! I know it's not 100 % accurate, more like 82%, but it still was fun to do. Here's a few pics I have to share.....Not the best ultrasound pic, since I no longer have a scanner. Sorry!
Can't wait to see if this true or not. Either way I am happy, as long as it's a healthy baby!

A pic of my little bitty bump, taken two days ago, can you see it?

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Donna said...

Glad that you are feeling a bit better now! And that is a baby bump? Gah, I would LOVE to have that flat of a stomach! I look like I ate a blue hubbard squash whole, LOL.