Sunday, September 23, 2007

You know what really grinds my gears?

Okay so I am so ashamed that I took a quote from that dumb TV show (Family Guy) but I like it. So now that I am just a bit pissy. I will let you know what grinds my gears:

1. When you show people something you are proud of and they look at you like you are insane and go "Oh well that's a big tree, I've never seen anything like that before" Yes, folks I am talking about my fall tree. How dare someone show any hate for it.

2. People who don't use table manners. Come on, how hard is it to close your mouth when you chew? Don't talk with food in your mouth, people don't want to see that. Wipe your mouth. I could go on but those are my major peeves.

3. Know it alls or someone who always has a bigger and better story than yours. Oh my goodness, there's nothing worse than when you are talking about something that happened in your life and someone goes, "Oh yeah well the same thing happened to me but (mine was worse, I waited longer, my pain was worse, etc.) I can't stand it!!!

4. People who call you but either a) don't have anything to talk about or b) they tell you the same stories over and over again.

5. When you are waiting in a long line and another opens up and the people behind you run over there and get in it first. So then you are still stuck in the same line with the same wait time. AHHHH!

6. When the person in front of you fails to use their turn signal. Hello people I am not a mind reader. Use your bleeping signal, that's what it's for.

7. People that you know are going to talk about you as soon as you leave the room. There is no worse feeling than leaving somewhere thinking, "What are they saying about me ?"

8. Children who back talk their parents and the parents just laugh about it or say in a really giddy voice, "Now don't say that to me dear." You have a hand you need to use it on their little butts.

9. When you see something in the store and think oh I will get it next time. Then when next time comes it is no longer there or is not available in the size or color you wanted.

10. People giving advice on things they have no business talking about. For instance, I had someone tell me one time that since I was having trouble having a baby that maybe God didn't want me to have children of my own. While she sat there with two of her own that are nice and healthy. It hurt my feelings so bad. People please think before you speak.

Okay so I will stop at ten because I need to calm myself after getting all worked up thinking about people that have angered or hurt me in the past. And yes it all started with the hate for my fall tree. But can you blame me? I think it's lovely, sure it need some more decorations, but geez I thought I did a good job so far. So sorry if I went a little off the deep end, but hey I am just a bit hormonal at the moment. So if you see me ranting and raving on here please know my intentions are good. I just have some built up rage that my pregnancy is bring out. Lord help my husband. ha. So now that I have let off some steam, tell me what really grinds your gears? ( Sissy this would be a fun post for you, trust me!)


Sandi McBride said...

HOW DARE ANYONE CALL YOUR TREE UGLY! Who was it? I think your tree is lovely, I agree about parents who don't disciplin their kids, (it won't be so cute when they're 15 and doing that), the only thing I can say is if just remember, if they're talking about you, they're leaving some other poor soul alone, but I agree, I hate that...most of the gear grinding you dislike, goes for me, seem to be feeling well, I'm glad! And I LOVE your tree!

Kari said...

Boy I should do a post about this. But then everyone might get a posse together and come string me up for being so b*tchy. lol
Who was snarky about your tree? Did you spit on them? Did you have Maddy spit on them? Have you thought about training the dogs to pee on them? I'm just trying to help

Sandi McBride said...

Haven't heard a peep out of our chick since Sunday. Do I really need to send out the search party? Everyone knows I will do it...just a short "I'm fine" would do...

Kari said...

Okay, Jodie, I did my Top 10 of what grinds my gears. And now I'm all worked up and should probably go soak in the tub to relax. But it's only 10:00 in the morning so maybe