Friday, September 28, 2007

Where is the fall weather?

Okay so I know I live on a tropical island, but I mean really where the cooler weather? It is so flippin hot here. You step outside and it feels like you are going to melt or smolder or something. It is terrible. I almost had a heat stroke the other day. It was really embarrassing because we were getting lunch. They have a place here called the Banyan Tree and every weekday they host a special lunch. Well we went on Wednesday for the first time to try their pasta bar. You get to pick your veggies, pasta, sauce, and meat. I chose broccoli, penne, Alfredo, and chicken. It was really good, by the way. But anyway, they cook it outside on a covered deck and so with the heat of outside and the heat of the burners it was quite hot. So first I thought I was going to gag over the smell of onions and peppers. I have a very sensitive nose these days. But I was holding my own, waiting in line, and then it was my turn to get mine cooked. Oh my goodness I almost passed out it. My heart started pounding, I could barely hold my own weight, and I felt my body break into a sweat. So I grabbed the closest thing to me (a table) and held on to it for balance. The little Japanese man cooking my food looked really worried, or maybe he thought I was a loon. I was telling him what to add to my dish and looking over at Nick in horror. He was like are you okay? I said no so he told me to go inside and he would get my food for me. I was so thankful to get inside. Once the cold air hit me I started sweating like crazy. It felt like my whole body had breathing holes. I know that sounds crazy but it's the only way I know how to describe it. So luckily after some water and food and air conditioning I felt a little better. But I am going to be honest it scared the fool out of me. When I got home I took a nice long nap. I have vowed as good as that pasta was, I won't be returning to eat there until December, when there's at least a nip in the air. Oh how I long for the cold weather. If anyone knows how please send Jack Frost my way.


Sandi McBride said...

I wish you were here. We got up at 0dark30 and it was 54 degrees. I had to put a jacket on to drink my coffee, but drink it out there I did! I'm enclosing a cup of cool air, open it slowly, and breathe it in...ahhh, there now, wasn't that just like fall?

Sandi McBride said...

Opps, sorry baby, but Tag, you're it...tell us 7 things we don't know then go tag yourself 7...and have fun

Sandi McBride said...

No pictures? No chat? What Up? Need at least an every other day update on how you are, how the pups are, how poor Chloe is and all the other little critters...including your own little ya
Aunt Sandi

Abbie said...

Just checking up on you. Hope you are doing well.
Enjoy your weekend.