Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette

Anyone else out there watch the Bachelorette? Probably not, but I do because I am a hopeless romantic. Sometimes I need some reality TV to get lost into. Ever since the bachelor came out I have been watching it, yes, EVERY season. I know sometimes it's down right raunchy, but hey it's entertainment. I will admit that I wish there had been more bachelorettes than bachelors, because looking at 25 guys is way more exciting than girls for me. So this season has been one of the better ones to watch so far. Deanna is pretty down to earth and her selection of guys was pretty nice to view. She's down to the final four guys: Jason (my favorite), Graham (the sexiest one), Jeremy (nice but not for me), and Jesse (the coolest one). I will admit that for the first time I don't believe she can go wrong. Any of the four would be an awesome person to share your life with. As I mentioned I favor Jason, because he's the most family oriented one. He's a single dad and I find that so admirable. He is also sweet, charming, and handsome. Now for Graham, at first I didn't get it and now there's something about him that I find very appealing. He is so sexy too!! Wowza! No wonder Deanna can't keep her hands or lips off of him. Jeremy is also pretty cute and sweet. I see where they have a great connection, but he's not really my kind of guy, a little too shy. Jesse is just great. He's such a cool guy. When I first saw him get out of the limo I was like, "NEXT!" Now I feel terrible for having thought that, he turned out to be the best personality on the show. It just proves that looks aren't everything and the more you get to know someone the more attractive they can become. I think Jesse is very cute, now that I looked past his florescent shoes and coat. So if anyone watches then I would like to know what you think?? I have a feeling the final one will be Jason, but I have been wrong several times before.

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