Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saying goodbye

It wasn't easy saying "goodbye" to Maddy or my mom last Thursday. My mom came to visit and stayed for about2 1/2 weeks. She came to meet Kara and to take Maddy back to Florida for us. The time she was here went by pretty quick. I felt bad she had to leave knowing she wasn't going to see her grandaughter for another 6 months.

Those 2 weeks were filled with all kinds of events. We tried to do all the things we wanted to do with Maddy before she left. We still manage to miss a few things but overall did the main things. I knew I would be sad but I didn't think it would hit me as hard as it did. The first time I broke down was while I was packing Maddy's bag. Everyone else was down stairs and I was upstairs packing it all. I had to go to the bathroom to get myself together. Then the night before they left, I was up all night dreading the next day. It was huge cry fest at the airport. People probably thought we were nuts, but it was VERY sad.

I will miss Maddy. I got so used to having her here that I couldn't imagine going back to life without her. Sure I won't miss the kids knocking on my door all afternoon(which made the dogs go nuts)or stuff being everywhere, but I will miss the joy she brought to our house. I haven't had to be alone in our house for the last year and it was so nice. Nick goes on a lot of trips, so I used to be alone a lot. Luckily I won't have to be alone ever again because of my baby girl. I know she will keep me entertained while Nick is gone, but I am sure I will want someone to talk to every once in a while that talks back. When Nick went on his trips Maddy and I would have "girl nights". We would rent movies and drink hot chocolate. She used to scrapbook with me. I couldn't have been more proud that she enjoyed something that I love to do. She made 3 books while she was here. She even started using more than one kind of paper on her pages, "to be more professional" like me (she would say). We also played hair/massage shop. She would put my hair up in all these crazy ways(the spider was the best). She has actually done that with me since she was 3 years old. The massage part just started this last year. She came up with all different methods (like using a pencil or karate chops), but you were lucky if it lasted 2 minutes. She is a very entertaining child and I will miss her dearly.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I haven't even gotten to talk to her yet! Apparently, she's not into phone calls these days. Little butt. ha

I think we're going to get her the first week in August. Randey has a TDY to Florida the last week in July and we'll probably bring her back with us, then return her after a week maybe. I'm really looking forward to it.

I mailed a package to you yesterday. Let me know when ya'll get it, okay?

Love you,

Sandi McBride said...

I know you are going to miss her, and how wonderful that she got such an experience as living in a foreign country...I'm sure she made lots of friends to write to and keep up with. So glad Kara is doing so well! She is such a little sweetie...have you gone over to JanaBanana's and seen Autuum Dawn? She's beautiful, too...
Aunt Sandi

JanaBanana said...

Hey there Jodi... Sorry to hear about Maddi going back to the states. I know you will miss her.

I see your baby girl is growing up fast like Autumn Faith, she just turned a month!
Hope to hear from you soon..