Monday, February 9, 2009

An apology

She loves her monkey, actually she loves ALL of her monkeys.
Her first Valentine's Day!

My little love bug.

She has a Snow White thing going on in this one.

This one looks like my baby pictures. Probably because you can't see the color of her eyes! I made it look like an old photo using Photoshop.

K is for Kara, duh!

She takes big girl baths now! It's her FAVORITE time of day.

I was so PROUD of this pic. It was my first time using the close-up setting on my camera. I love how it fades out the background. No Photoshop needed.

Kissing the back of her baby's head.

You can see the joy in her face.

Not happy to be Wonder Woman. Supergirl is more her cup of tea.

Chardae trying to pull Kara closer. I love their faces in this one.

After reading what I wrote on my blog, my husband called to apologize to me. He felt so bad that I got upset. He was clueless that I had even felt that way. Silly man! He called me that next morning to say that he does love my blog and doesn't want me to quit. So there you have it, I am back in the saddle again.(not that I was really going to quit, just take a break!) :) Unfortunately that blog helped me learned that there are some RUDE people out there. My time is far too valuable to waste time on people who are so unkind.

I have been wanting to blog for a while now but life has been too busy to do so. Speaking of my little monkey just woke up from her nap. She has a slight cold and isn't feeling the best these days. It breaks my heart, poor baby. But before I go I would like to share some of my favorite photography moments from the last few weeks. ENJOY! I will be posting more soon.....


JanaBanana said...

Awww she is so darn cute! I love all the pics.. especially her TUTU!
Glad you didnt give up on blogging..its not about spelling :)

Sandi McBride said...

That is one sweetie pie! I'm so glad that Nick apologized...but I don't think he meant to hurt you, men just have a habit of saying whats on their minds...sometimes they shouldn't! Lovely photos of the little Supergirl...
Aunt Sandi
tell Nick I forgive him too!