Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our camping trip

Mommy and Kara on the beach. It was cool out so she was still in her PJs.

Daddy and Kara on the beach. Notice the yucky weather.

Our Valentine's picture=true love!!

They adore each other! Notice she has a baby in hand. She always has to have a baby near.

Nick eating his first smore EVER!

Kara and mommy

Our tent you can see daddy and the monkey inside.

This year for Valentine's Day I wanted to do something fun, something out of the ordinary. My first idea was for us to hike up to Hiji Falls, however my neighbors said it's closed until April. BUMMER! So we were racking our brains as for what to do and I casually mentioned camping. Nick said it sounded like fun, so the planning began. We were both so excited. We've had a tent for a few years now that we've never used (although my friend Samantha and her husband used it once). So anyway, we made a trip to the BX and Commissary to buy some supplies and food. I had read on the Internet that the weather wouldn't be the best but tolerable. Only a 20% of rain expected for our first day there. The next day called for cloudy weather. Ha ha you can see where this is going. So anyway we packed up the car and made the 1 1/2 hour trip up to Okuma. I kid you not that as soon as Nick was inside the place to reserve our spot, it started raining. No big deal; we can handle some rain I thought to myself. Nick had to put up the tent in the rain, hence the lack of pictures of that event. It was only drizzling so I helped him with the last finishing touches and unloaded the car. Kara was having a blast crawling around in the tent. The rain continued off and on throughout the night. Poor Nick had to eat half cooked hot dogs ( I had already cooked mine) and cold beans because the rain started up as he was cooking. We had smores later that night, but they weren't melted all the way for the same reason. It was overall kind of funny. We ended up staying in our tent for the entire afternoon with nothing to do. Kara seemed to enjoy herself until it got dark; then she was upset. I think it's because when it's dark in our house it's night-night time. Kara is no fan of going to bed. It was a rough night of sleep, being that we were on the hard ground (next time we are taking an air mattress). I know it sounds spoiled, but I have to have comfort during sleep, it's a must!

The next morning we went to their restaurant for breakfast. It wasn't the best food, but we were thankful to get something that was at least fully cooked. After breakfast we walked on the beach for a little while and then packed up for home. The cloudy weather was miserable. The sun was no where in sight. It was so foggy and gloomy, but we will plan better next time. We know to bring a cover to cook under, some board games, and air mattress to keep ourselves content! I can't wait for our next adventure!!!


Donna said...

Despite a few little bumps, you managed to have a grand adventure! Keep making those sweet memories! Hugs!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.