Sunday, February 22, 2009

Japanese grocery store

We took a trip to the grocery store off base yesterday. I was really wanting some fresh veggies/fruit. I heard they had some good deals, so off we went. We went to a smaller store rather than the large one, since it's closer to where we live. It's always an interesting experience. Next time I really need to bring my camera; I didn't even think of it today. Anyway, we got some strawberries, lettuce, kiwi, broccoli, and Aussie beef. This was our first time buying meat off base. I am really anxious/curious to use it. It looks like the leanest beef I think I have ever seen. Nick wants me to make it into beef tips. I was thinking of making some soup with it. We will see.... Anyway here's a pic of what the packaging looks like. Not too different, but kind of cool. Don't you think?

PS I meant to take the picture before the beef was frozen, but time got away from me. OOPS!

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