Friday, March 28, 2008


So I know this may seem funny to you but the two pictures in this post have brought me much joy. The first one is the little fence I finally got for my backyard. Up until now (for almost 2 years) I have had to walk my dog every time he needed to go out. This has lead to him going back on his potty training and me tired of walking him. When we got Tinkerbell it was even worse. I had two dogs to take out rather than just the one. When I started thinking about having this baby and having to walk the dogs numerous times a day, I felt overwhelmed. When we moved to Okinawa, I had all intentions of putting up a fence in the backyard, only to find out that it was be very expensive and a lot of paperwork. We would have to get permits and all kinds of things cleared before we got the okay to put it up. Also we would have to buy and put up the fence ourselves. Nick was never thrilled on that idea, but then again he's not the one having to take the dogs out all day either. About a year ago, I saw one of these little white fences in someones backyard. I thought, "Now that's what I need!" However, I couldn't find one here. I tried ordering one from Petsmart, but they wouldn't ship it here. I tried all kinds of websites to try and get a fence, but it didn't work. Finally, we found these little white gates at a pet store off base. At first we just bought two packs which included 8 panels (which cost over $100), making an octagon for them to run in. I was all excited about it. However, Anakin wasn't too thrilled because now he's used to being walked. If I would leave them outside in their little fence where he would whine and bark until I got them out. I was so angry that I had spent that much money and it still hadn't solved my problem. While my mom was here, she suggested we got two more packs to make our whole back yard fenced off. So finally about a month ago we bought the final two packs. My friend Samantha helped me put it up and it's been great! At first the dogs weren't too excited about it, but now they love it. Anakin has started asking to go out more and I couldn't be happier about that!!

So the next thing is really going to make people think I am crazy. When we got to Okinawa I realized that I hadn't seen any 2 liters of any kind of drink here. I looked everywhere, the BX, Commissary, and shoppette. No one had any at all! I even ran into a woman at the commissary who was looking for them too. Needless to say we were both appalled. So after being here this long, I have come to accept that 2 liters are not in my near future. Sure they have can drinks and 20 oz drinks, but I like 2 liters. I never drink a whole coke so that way I can pour how much I want without wasting it. So I go to the PX (on another base) two weeks ago and see a 1.5 liter of coke. I was over the moon about this. Sure it's not the full two liters that I wanted but it's pretty darn close. Funny part is that it's a Japanese coke, go figure, but I am thankful for it!

Yes some of it's missing I had to have a glass!


Abbie said...

Your yard looks huge Jodie.

Rascal Flatts is playing again. Their music makes me so serene.

Sandi McBride said...

I love the fence...I know it's going to be a big relief for you. And when Kara gets here, she can have her sandbox back there too...
love ya
Aunt Sandi