Monday, March 31, 2008

So much to give thanks for.....

All of these things are from Sissy(my MIL). I adore the green outfit. It's funny side by side they look like easter egg colors!
Aunt Sandi got this adorable blanket for Kara. I love the colors, it's so vibrant. I should be receiving it soon in the mail!!

What girl doesn't love shoes? Kara has some of the cutest shoes around. Special thanks to these people: bunny slippers and white butterfly shoes-Granny (Sissy), butterfly and dragonfly slippers-Nana (my mom), pink butterfly shoes- April, pink sandals-Tangela, White butterfly sandals- Gloria, white dress up shoes- mommy, white shoes with flowers-Laci.

I just received this in the mail today from my friends Tiffany and Veronica (from High school). I am so in love with the cherry bathing suit and sunglasses. Oh and the sandals are adorable too!
I got this yesterday, isn't it a beauty? A wife from our squadron made it for baby Kara. I feel so blessed to know such kind people. She hand made this quilt especially for her. Can't you tell with the purple and butterflies?
These are outfits from my neighbor and friend, Samantha. She knows I have an obsession with purple. I love the purple dress and the overalls. I can't wait to see her in them.
My friend Erica got Kara this cute little beach outfit. It came with a matching hat. She will be so cute in it on the beach this summer!!

I figured I would give out some thanks for all the really cute things I have been receiving from friends and family for baby Kara. She's got some really adorable outfits that I just had to share with you. No doubt she's going to be the best dressed baby around here. I love all the purple of course but the other outfits are all very special too!! My mom recently sent some clothes but they are in the wash so I couldn't add them to show you. Thank you to all of my friends and family. I really don't deserve such wonderful people in my life.


Sandi McBride said...

How simply beautiful that quilt is! Make sure that you save some of her baby clothes to cut into squares so you can make your "Granddaughter's" quilt from her mommy's first clothes...if you have some of Conner's little things, you can even put an Uncle Square's an old Scottish thing, and quilting is easy...just time consuming...Love
Aunt Sandi

JanaBanana said...

Yipeeee its so much fun getting gifts for the special arrival isnt it!! I cant wait til our girls arrive :)