Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The start of a nursery.....

He was hard at work!
I didn't mean to miss his face!!
The walls have nothing up yet, but it's starting to pull together!
I know the bumper is on inside out, but it's because the crib doesn't show it on the outside.
Don't you love the glow worm and little musical thing? Too cute!!

On Monday, Nick was off of work so we decided to put up the crib. Luckily the bed set came in that same day. It was quite amusing watching him put it together. He only put the sides on wrong one time, so I can't complain. He kept telling me I wasn't allowed to help because it's the daddy's job to put up the crib. So I helped as little as I could. I did have fun putting the bedding on. I know it is very purple, but that's the way I like it!! The quilt is very cozy, I love it. I also got the matching lamp that I have in the loft where I will be feeding her at night. Right now she is sharing a room with Maddy so it's a little cramped. Once I get it all finished with the stuff on the wall I will be sure to post new pics. It's killing me that I can't paint the walls lilac or even light pink. I think it would be so cute!! However we vowed not to paint any walls in this house so we won't have to deal with it when we leave. Whenever I get back to the states and we get a house it's on!! I will be painting every room!! So tell me what you think of my progress!!!


JanaBanana said...


JanaBanana said...

Jodie I forgot to tell you that everytime I go on your MySpace page my virus thing pops up and wont let me on? Not sure why?

I see you got a baby wipe warmer :) I need to get that, a monitor and some more bottles and then Im set!

Did you get her carseat yet?