Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's here, it's here!!

A few days ago when I checked the mail, I was surprised to see my absentee ballot had arrived. I had just sent out the paperwork to get it two weeks ago. I was surprised that they would mail it out so soon, but I guess they want to make sure that you have enough time to send it back before they begin counting the votes. I was so excited about it. This will only be the third time that I have voted, but I believe this may be the most important one I have done so far. Things are so crazy with this presidential race and to be honest it has me all rilled up!

I talked to an old friend today on the phone that I haven't talked to in over a year. It was so nice to catch up with her. She asked me plain and simple, "Who are you voting for?" So I told her McCain/Palin. She was very excited to hear my choice because she too is voting for them. Usually I try to stay away from talking politics with ANYONE because I am not one that likes to argue. However this year I have so many opinions on the subject and could care less whom I may offend with my thoughts. Sorry if you don't agree with my feelings on the subject. I am really going outside of my comfort zone by posting this but I need to get it out. Anyway, my friend and I began discussing the presidential race and luckily we're on the same page. I was going on about how important it is to vote, when she admitted to me that this will be the first time she's ever voted (she's a few years older than me). I think she was kind of afraid I was going to question her on it, because she told me that she never really cared about it before. While I believe everyone should vote, I will admit that I think it's dumb for people to vote without being educated on who they are voting for. So I told her that I thought she was smart for not voting before since she had no idea what the candidates stood for. It really pisses me off when people vote for someone they don't know anything about. For instance, I know someone that's voting for Obama because they want to see an African American as president, not because of what he stands for, but on that reason alone. She wants history to be made. She also jokes that he's probably going to be assassinated a few days after being elected. But anyway, that's a whole different crazy post. Either way you vote we are making history. If you vote McCain then we will have our first female vice president. I know people are really excited about making history, but I just wish people would look at the facts before going to vote. Being a military wife I can't understand how anyone would vote Obama. The man won't even say the pledge of allegiance. He's got to be one of the most unpatriotic men in America. He refuses to wear anything with the flag on it. The thought of him coming into office scares the crap out of me. I fear he will get us all blown up before it's over with. You may not agree, but that's how I see it. As I said I am a military wife and therefore have to think about how this election is going to effect my family's life. (Not that I am saying the military is the only ones that matter, I would NEVER be like that). It's just that we live in a foreign country, not too far from North Korea might I add, because of being military. We can't have someone in office that thinks we can just pull out of this war without consequences. No, I am not all about the war. In truth, I hate it. I've had to send my husband over there more times than I ever imagined. But I do believe it needs to be settled somewhat before we pull out all of our troops. It is very important that we have someone in office that's willing to protect our country and what it stands for. I do not feel that Obama is that man. I have been researching on both McCain and Obama's official websites as to what they believe in and what their plan is for our country. I have heard a lot of people saying they want a change in America. Somehow they seem to believe Obama's change is going to be a good one. I am not that optimistic when it comes to him being our president. Something about him really freaks me out. Am I alone in this? What do you feel on the subject? I am not trying to tell anyone how to vote in November. I just want people to be informed before they make their decision. I don't believe you have to vote someone only in your party of choice. I don't believe you should vote someone based on their age, race, sex, or looks. However, I do believe you should vote for the candidate that's going to do their best to keep our country safe and make our economy better. Get educated people and then get out there and vote!!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said people need to make a education decided on what there voting for. As for as who I am voting for McCain. Your Aunt Tammy and I have been talking about the same things and agree with you. and we are both voting for him.
love you

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I think Obama is purely a political animal. I think he's learned the art of speech making and that is the full extent of his capablities. Period. I don't want a president who can only make a pretty speech. I want one who knows that America matters and that I, and my family, matter. I want a president with honor, integrity and character, therefore John McCain will get my vote.