Friday, September 26, 2008


Maybe in my previous post about my choice for President I didn't post enough reasons why I choose McCain. Therefore I want to add that I am not voting for him based on being in the military. I would be voting for him regardless of what my husband does for a living. I have heard that McCain isn't for all of the military. He voted against this and that or didn't support certain things. I never claimed that I agree with everything he's ever done. I just feel he's the better choice for President. One of those reasons is that I am against abortion and stem cell research on embryos. Obama supports both of these things, which was a big strike against him in my book. I have always been VERY against abortion. I have heard several reasons why people validate abortion: rape, down syndrome, being too young, not having financial security. While I haven't been in any of these predicaments, I still don't agree they are good enough reasons to end a life. Yes, I believe that at conception life begins. No one will ever change my mind about that. I have posted before that I had a mentally retarded brother. Had my mother believed in abortion he may have been here for 15 months. While I know it was a hard time for my family, I know my mother would not have given that time up for anything. I would have never had a brother, my precious sweet little brother.

My feeling is that you should give your child up for adoption if you don't feel you can handle raising them. I have several friends that don't have the luxury of having children biologically. As a matter of fact, one of my friends is going to be adopting a baby boy in a month and a half. She and her husband were never able to conceive. The lady that is pregnant with him already has 5 children. She and her husband don't have enough money to raise the baby so they are giving him up. She said she didn't believe in abortion so she decided to give him up to family that can support him. My friend is over the moon that she finally gets to become a mother. Why should a child be killed because their biological parent can't or doesn't want to support them. So many people out there want a baby (yes even the ones with disabilities). My husband and I are still considering adoption in a few years. I just don't understand how you can support abortion or the use of embryos for stem cell research. Yes I know that stem cells can help save people from diseases, but why should it be at the expense of another life. An embryo is a life. It makes me so angry when people say that life doesn't begin until a baby is born. My son was born and only took 3 breaths. In his death paperwork it states he was stillborn. I still believe the hospital was wrong for labeling him that way because as far as I know taking a breath means you are alive, right?? Well since he was labeled stillborn, he was never given a birth certificate. Therefore to some people he was never considered to be alive. If that is true then how did he kick and move around in my belly? A plant is considered alive and it doesn't have that ability. How does that make sense? Like I said no one can change my mind on this subject. In truth it is one of issues I look at first before choosing my candidate each election year. I know there are bigger issues on the table, but to me it matters a lot, a whole lot. There are other reasons I am voting for John McCain, but I don't' feel I need to label each and every reason I feel that way. I just wanted to state that I have more than one issue that agree with him on. And that's all for today.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

As many reasons as I have for voting for McCain, I have just as many reasons for NOT voting for Obama. Really helps to clarify the situation for me. :)

Donna said...

I was supporting another candidate during the primaries and wasn't wild about McCain. But I am 100% behind him now. That doesn't mean that I agree with him on 100% of the issues, but he sure hits the mark on everything that is important to me. He and Palin will do what is best for the country. God help us if Obama gets elected.

Thank you for presenting your thoughtful and articulate viewpoints!

(BTW, your daughter looks adorable in the tinkerbell costume!)

Sandi McBride said...

I think this was one of your best posts Jodi and that picture of Kara is just to wonderful. She's growing so fast...
Aunt Sandi
We're a McCain family, too!

JanaBanana said...

Gosh she is precious!