Thursday, October 16, 2008

BEWARE of Vacuums

So there I was trying to catch up on my cleaning. I had vacuumed the whole livingroom and had decided to get out the attachment so that I could get all the little spaces clean too. I

got down on my hands and knees to vacuum under the couch and it happened. My hair somehow got sucked into the side of the vacuum, into a little hole I had never seen before. It twisted, it pulled. I finally got my senses and turned the machine off. At first it felt like a dream. Surely that didn't just happen in real life. My hair couldn't possibly look like that. I began to panic because it WOULD NOT come out. I tried untwisting it. I tried to unknot it. The damage was done. I luckily had a phone in arms length. So I called my neighbor to come help me. I was thinking, "I can't cut it, it's in the front of my hair". She walked in and helped me get it out and began to laugh. I realized at that point that it was quite funny. I mean what are the odds right? We came to the conclusion that it had to be cut. So I did it. I cut a big chunk of my hair out. If you click on the picture it will get larger and you will see how messed up it was (although I used my old not- so-great camera to take the pic). So there it is another crazy off the wall thing that would only happen to me. I know you must be laughing. I don't blame you, I find it quite amusing myself. :)


Sandi McBride said...

I don't think I've ever had a hair accident with the vacuum...but I've had a sock accident, and shoe string accident...luckily the only things hurt were the belts on the vacuum! BE Careful!!! Stick to sucking up pennies, hairpins and bubblegum...
Aunt Sandi

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I got my hair caught up in a blowdryer once. Who knew hair could get sucked up in the back of one of those???? It wasn't pretty...and I've never looked at a blowdryer quite the same again. lol

As far as the vacuum cleaner....let's see...I lost a pair of kneehigh "jock" socks (don't know what they're called these days????) when I was vacuuming out my car once. Those car vacs can really suck up a lot of stuff in a hurry. Glad I never got one near my head. LOL

I'm off to soak in the tub. I bought Chuck Season 1 last night and I'm fixing to go watch it. I've watched election coverage until I think I'm fixing to pull my own hair out. Urgh!!

Talk to ya'll this weekend, hopefully!

Love you,