Saturday, October 11, 2008


Before I start my actual post I want to say that I haven't really been in the blogging mood. I have been a negative, stressed, and busy with a clingy baby (let me note, she's not the reason for the negativity). Therefore I can't promise that any post that I do in the near future are going to be lively or even interesting, so don't say I didn't' warn you.

So for my actual post:

Have you ever done something different to your hair or got a new outfit in hopes that your husband will find you more attractive or in the hope of getting his attention? Then after he doesn't notice or say anything about it you feel frustrated. I believe all women at some point and time have been there. Sometimes I believe it's intentional and other times not (you do have to get your hair cut every once in a while). So this has been me for a few weeks now. I haven't really done anything different with my hair or anything like that, but I have managed to lose a few pounds. I am down to 121 pounds, which is the least I have weighed in over 3 years. So I have been excited and wanted that little bit of extra attention from my husband. Sure it's hard to notice a few pounds being shed, but as a woman, any pounds lost is a victory. So anyway I have been thinking that maybe if I dressed cute or left my hair down (rather that up in a messing bun) that he would say those little words I've been wanting to hear....."You look beautiful", "Don't you look pretty today?", or something really nice like "Wow!" Well, you know how men can be. They don't seem to realize that sometimes their wives, girlfriends, or significant others may need to hear those things. Sure they think them, but they don't seem to say them enough, at least my husband doesn't (for me). Don't get me wrong I know he thought I was beautiful on our wedding day (he brings that up often). Being that was just over 5 years ago, I don't look much different now than I did then. And I'm not saying he hasn't told me sweet things about my appearance since then, because he has. However, here lately he's been slacking. So today he had to leave yet again for another TDY. I had mentioned this whole not saying the sweet stuff a few days ago so he was in tune to my frustrations. Being that he was leaving I put on a cute little dress, kept my hair down, added a little blush and mascara in hopes that he would comment on my appearance. Nothing, Nada, and at first I was depressed. What the heck's the point I thought silently to myself as he left. I was just getting frustrated and mad when I realized that he had told me that I was beautiful today, this morning to be exact. We were laying in bed playing with the baby and I said something about how she stares at me all the time. He replied with, "because she sees that you are beautiful" and told Kara "you have a beautiful mommy don't you." When this thought came into my head it made sense. There I was in the morning without my hair brushed in a tank top and no make up and he said I was beautiful. I have a husband that thinks I am beautiful with out all the glitz and glam. He sees me at my worst and still manages to find me appealing. He says that I am one of those girls that doesn't need make-up to be pretty it just comes naturally. He thinks that I am pretty no matter what. He may not say it as often as I wish he would but I realize that I don't have to hear it everyday. All I need is for him to still see my beauty when I am plain and simple, natural me. That my friends is what I call love.

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