Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homemade Pumpkin Patch

So as you know I live in Okinawa, Japan where there seems to be a lack of a pumpkin patch. Or there is one that I am fully unaware of and need to be informed. Any takers??? So anyway, being that I love fall and have so many wonderful little pumpkin scrapbook embellishments, I decided to get creative and make one on my own. It couldn't be that hard, right? At first I thought of getting a few different families together and we could all bring our pumpkins. ( We may still do that this weekend??) It would have been a win win situation. Everyone could use the pumpkins for family pumpkin patch pictures. Unfortunately I came up with this idea last weekend, which was a little late to start. By now most people have carved their pumpkins being that it will be Halloween here tomorrow. So this morning I could wait no longer. I got Nick to drop Kara and me off (we now share one car)at the park up the road with all of our pumpkins in tow. I know I must have looked like a loon having a stroller full of pumpkins, but I didn't care. So we found what I thought was the perfect spot and I set up the pumpkins. I changed Kara's shirt, sat her up, and went to snapping. It was so much fun. I was overjoyed at how well she sat up. She hasn't sat up at home by herself since she fell a few weeks ago and hit her little head. She was so into the pumpkins that I couldn't get her to smile but I think she still looks adorable. Don't you think? I wish I had thought of this last year when Maddy was here. It was also nice that I got my morning walk in. We walked over to the shoppette where a woman commented on all the pumpkins. So I showed her the pics on my camera and she was like, "Wow that's a great idea!!" I really love taking pictures but just need people to take them of. I know I will never catch up on my scrapbooking with pics of Kara. I already have over a thousand pictures of her!!! Truth is even if I had other people to take pics of I would still take as many of her as I do now. I am an addict. LOL

PS I want to thank all of my readers for stopping by. I know some of you leave comments and I don't leave them on yours. I apologize. Kara has been a very clingy baby lately. Therefore I want you to know the even though I don't comment I am still reading your blogs. I am lucky now if I can even get the time to post these days. I read in a baby book yesterday that at this age she should be taking at least 2 naps a day at an hour each. YEAH RIGHT!! I am lucky if she gets 20 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon. She dislikes sleeping. However I am going to be thankful for an active baby, it's going to pay off one day, right?? Speaking of thankful. I am starting my thankful post on the 1st this month, like I did last year. Let's all post one thing we are thankful for each day of November. Happy posting to you!!!


Donna said...

She looks adorable! Great pics!

JanaBanana said...

I just love this baby! She is so darn adorable!!