Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Her second tooth and love of babies!

What mom? Can't you see I am busy here?
"Talking" to her baby

"Kissing" her baby

There it is tooth #2!

She has babies in all sizes and she LOVES them all! The big one was as big as her when she got it for Christmas! Thanks Nanny!

It hasn't been that long since Kara got her first tooth and now she is sporting a new one. I can't believe it; she is just growing so quick! She is well on her way to walking and loves to be in her walker. She also has a profound love of baby dolls. I so LOVE that she likes dolls. Maddy wasn't really into them all that much. She was much happier with Scooby Do and color books. She did have a love for tea sets, which was pretty cool. But I was always sad she didn't get into dolls or barbies that much. I am really hoping Kara will keep her love of babies for years to come so that I can join in on playing with them. I LOVED my dolls and ADORED barbies. (Truth be told I cried when I packed them away!) It is so exciting to me that I will have an excuse to revisit them. :) Girls are so much fun!! I would enjoy a boy if we were to have one next, but I think girls are just easier for me to relate to, obviously!! Isn't she just precious?

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