Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Superboy and Supergirl!

Our Superboy, Conner
Our Supergirl, Kara

It's pretty funny how things work out, but I guess fate has a way of stepping in sometimes. Before I was pregnant with Conner, Nick and I were trying to decide on names for our future children. It took us forever to agree on a name. I actually got Conner from a short role my favorite character (Nicholas) on General Hospital played. (Nick argues that he came up with it because that's the Highlanders name, but he's confused). I said the name and he agree because it was the Highlanders name. He has this thing about names having to be after some comic book or movie hero. So it was settled that Conner would be our boy name. For a girl name we first agreed on Alyssa Kirsten (which I still love). I later mentioned the name Kara (after my favorite Barbie doll) and he said he liked it too. At the time we had no idea that Conner and Kara were actually the names of Superboy and Supergirl. (Who knew Nick wouldn't know this being the Comic book buff he is?) But anyway he found it out after we found out about Conner's diagnosis. Then it was settled that weather he was a boy or girl he would be our Superboy or Supergirl. So on the day he was born we gave him the name Conner (Superboy) Jeremy(after my brother). It was perfect. He was buried in a little Superman costume, so cute and fitting! After we had our Superboy, we knew that if we had a daughter she would have to be Kara (Supergirl) Elizabeth (after an extraordinary woman I knew) to complete our trend. I absolutely LOVE that our kids names have meaning. It's really cool and I know once Kara is old enough to realize she has Supergirl's name she's going to eat it up. It was all meant to be.....


Sandi McBride said...

Beautiful post, honey. Lovely babies...Supergirl is going to give you a run for your money, though, so stand by!
Aunt Sandi

Donna said...

I think Supergirl will live up to her billing! Look at that neat new header too! Golly, she is growning us fast, LOL.