Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kara.....the barbie doll

As I said in the post below, I got the name Kara from my favorite barbie doll growing up. She was actually a punk rocker barbie (hence the bangs I had to hide in her ponytail), but I changed her into a charming stay at home mom. LOL I was fascinated with this doll because she wasn't your typical barbie with blond hair and blue eyes. She did have blond hair, but with brown highlights and brown eyes. I thought she was the most BEAUTIFUL barbie I had ever seen and named her Kara. I circulated all my other barbies around her. They were either her sister or cousin or friend. She was married to my BFF's brown hair blue-eyed Ken doll (named Cody). They had several little children to include one named: Blakely (which is Maddy's other little sister's name). Weird I know. As I said before, I was very into my dolls. It was almost ridiculous. When I would go spend the weekend with April, I had one bag for clothes and one for my barbies. We played with them for hours and hours. I still have a box of them at my mom's. Therefore when I was at home visiting, I couldn't leave without fishing out that one special barbie: KARA! I know it may seem silly to people, but it just seems weird to me that when I was around 10 I got this barbie that I thought was beautiful and gave her the name of my future daughter. I guess it makes since that I would give Kara her name. Being her mother I happen to think she's the most beautiful little girl. Just wanted to share a this story and a pic of the doll. Introducing Kara (the barbie):

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