Monday, October 15, 2007

Boy or Girl: Old wives tale ways to tell.

*My answers will be in RED!

You are having a BOY if:

1. If you swing your wedding ring over your stomach it will go back and forth. (YES)

2. If your baby's heart rate is under 150 beats per minute. (NO)

3. If your belly is small and and sticking straight out. ( YES)

4. If your face shape is long and narrow. (DON'T KNOW)

5. If you pick up a key at the base rather than the skinny side. (YES)

6. Add the year of conception plus your age, if it's odd. (YES)

7. If you crave salty foods. (YES)

8. If you eat a clove of garlic and then the smell comes out of your pores. (DON'T KNOW)

9. You pee in Draino and it turns blue. (DON'T KNOW)

10. If you prefer sleeping on your right side. (NO)

11. If your hands are dry. (YES)

12. If you feel clumsy. (YES)

13. If your right breast is larger than your left. (YES)

14. If you are carrying low. (TOO SOON TO TELL)

15. If your baby is very active. (TOO SOON TO TELL)

16. If the hair on your legs grows faster. ( OH MY GOODNESS, YES)

17. Your pillow faces the north. (NO)

18. Your feet are colder than usual. (YES)

19. If your maternal grandmother has gray hair. (NO)

20. If you didn't have morning sickness. ( I HAVE NAUSEA, BUT HAVEN'T THROWN UP)

21. If your urine is a bright yellow. (YES)

22. If you have headaches. (YES)

23. When you pick up a mug you do it by the handle. (YES)

24. Someone asks you to show your hands you do it palm down. (NO)

25. If your nose widens. (TOO SOON TO TELL)

Okay so you are having a GIRL if:

1. The shape of your belly is big and round. (NO, NOT YET ANYWAY)

2. If you put your wedding ring over your belly and it swings in circles. (NO)

3. If the baby's heart rate is over 170. (YES)

4. If you aren't looking that great because girls are supposed to "steal" their mother's beauty. (I DON'T KNOW)

5. If you have more acne than usual. (YES, KINDA, BUT NOT BAD)

6. If you pick up a key on the skinny part rather than the base. (NO)

7. You add the year of conception and your age and it's even. (NO)

8. If you crave sweet food. (SOMETIMES, HARDLY EVER, I LIKE REAL FOOD)

9. If you eat a clove of garlic and no one smells it on you. (DON'T KNOW)

10. If you pee in Draino and it turns green or brown. ( DON'T KNOW)

11. If you prefer sleeping on your left side. (YES)

12. If your hands are soft. (NO)

13. If you feel graceful. (NEVER)

14. If you left breast is bigger than your right. (NO)

15. If you crave citrus foods. (NO, I PREFER GRAPES AND APPLESAUCE)

16. If your face has become more rounded. ( TOO SOON TO TELL)

17. If you feel more emotional. (IF YOU MEAN MOODY YES, CRYING NOT REALLY)

18. If you are carrying high. (TOO SOON TO TELL)

19. If your pillow faces the south. (YES)

20. You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread. (NO)

21. If your maternal grandmother doesn't have gray hair ( natural or dyed). (SHE ONLY HAD A FEW GRAYS, BUT IT STAYED MOSTLY BLACK)

22. If you had morning sickness. ( NAUSEA YES, PUKING NO)

23. Your chest has grown dramatically. (NOT REALLY)

24. If your urine is a dull yellow. (NO)

25. If you pick up a mug by the base. (NO)

26. Someone asks you to show your hands you do it palms up. (YES)

My results: BOY: Out of 25 questions:
I answered 13 yes, 6 no, 3 don't know, and 3 too soon to tell.

GIRL: Out of 26:

I answered 8 yes, 13 no, 3 don't know, and 2 too soon to tell.


Okay so I am sure I missed some things but for the most part I think I covered most of the old wives tales. Obviously they are called "tales" for a reason. I don't think any of them are true ALL of the time, but they sure are fun. It took my half an hour to find all these. I even had to go pee and look to see if it was bright or dull. Funny I know. I was going to ask Nick what he thought but then I realized how grossed out he would be and how I really don't want him seeing my pee, so I vetoed that. Were any of them true for you? I am a firm believer in the whole heartburn equals lots of hair because I had it bad with Conner and he had a head full. I have been getting it a lot with this one too, but I am glad I like babies with hair. So I know I am going a little nuts with the whole boy or girl thing. I am just anxious. I never got to find out with Conner so this time I really hope to find out. Fingers crossed for the 29th.


Abbie said...

This list would have helped me!
I wanted a boy so bad even if the tales predicted I was having a girl, I didn't care.

mom said...

jo it all in fun I love doing these things when I was pregnant with you and your brother. It just fun to do them and we hopefully will know something on the 29th. love mom