Friday, October 26, 2007

Rest in Peace, Joey!!

As most of you know our family lost a special person. While I never met Joey, I know him through things I have been told about him. He was much like my husband by what I understand, therefore I know I would have loved him. I have been very sad for the loss of Joey. He had two young sons and a strong, wonderful wife. Tomorrow he will be laid to rest. I grieve for his wife, sons, and Aunt Ginger and Uncle Mike. The loss of a child is almost unbearable. I pray that God carries them through these hard times. As for how Karen must feel I have no idea. She has to now live her life as a single parent without the love of her life. It must be unimaginable for her, but I know God will bring her through it. "If God brings it to you, he will bring you through it!" But still as I sit here typing I weep for them. May God be with them now and always, because I know Joey certainly will be.

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Sandi McBride said...

I'm sure that Joey is with his Grandparents and don't you know Connor needed someone fun to play with! I'm sure Michael Kent welcomed Joey, too. Too many young people in our family and it takes its toll.