Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bozo strikes once again.

So on Tuesday I went for a normal OB appointment. Nick got to come with me this time. We had to wait forever after I was just bragging in the car how they are always on time here. I know I should have knocked on some wood. Anyway, so all the doc did was want to listen to the heartbeat. He didn't think it could be heard with the Doppler yet so he did an ultrasound, which I couldn't see because the screen was pointed away from me. So then he decides maybe he will be able to use the Doppler (which by the way it says in all my pregnancy books that it's possible at 12 weeks). So he does and says the heartbeat is between the 150-160's. So it has slowed down some from three weeks ago. So next we meet him in his office where he starts asking me if I want a cystic fibrosis test done. I say sure why not. He then goes into all the horrible things that can happen if your baby does have it. He also talks about the quad screen that I will be getting at around 16 weeks. He starts telling me about all the trisomies related with that. It was all really depressing. I'm thinking well thanks for trying to rain on my parade doc. Sure you know if your baby has a syndrome it's not going to be good. But until that time comes leave me in the dark. I have had my time with bad news. So anyway, I opted to wait to get both test done at the same time which will be soon after my next appointment. November 26th is the golden day that I will find out the sex of the baby. Poor Nick will be leaving for a TDY so therefore he won't be there to learn the news. I have decided to bring Maddy along so that she can share the experience with me. So until then we can only wonder boy or girl?


Sandi McBride said...

hmm...couldn't find the comment bar till I put the mouse on it! But anyway, sorry, but I'd be the one left in the dark regardless, lol...didn't want to know what sex, didn't want to know a thing except that one day the baby would be in a stroller not me lol...I'm sure everything is going to be fine this time. I just have a feeling. Is this Doctor the idiot Doogie Howser or a new one? I'm not too thrilled with Doogie, so far.
Love ya
Aunt Sandi

Abbie said...

boy! boy! boy!

I really commend our Doctors, but I feel so sorry for them sometimes because of how desensitized they are.

Good Luck with the next appointment.