Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just for Abbie


I tried to comment on your blog but it says I have to log in. I realize you are blogging with a different website so how do I get to where I can comment on your blog? Do I have to make an account with them too? Just wondering. I am glad to see you are back, I have enjoyed reading about the happenings in your life. So comment me and let me know how I can communicate with you girl! Hope to talk to you soon. Oh and happy belated birthday! :)


Abbie said...

A post just for me!!!! Aww so sweet!!

Someone else who wasn't on wordpress told me the same thing about having to log in to comment.
I have a friend who is a wordpress guru. I'm going to ask her how to comment and email you her response.
Thanks for the B'day wishes.

But most importantly, how are you doing??

Abbie said...

Jodie, it's fixed.

How are you doing?

Sandi McBride said...

Wow, I hope this is fixed, havne't been able to get in either!
Love ya
Aunt Sandi