Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh happy day!

So just to let you all know I feel 100 times better today. I think I may be getting over that rut, a little. Nick will hopefully be getting a ticket tomorrow to head back this way. If it all works out he will be here Monday night, which makes me feel so much better. I spent a lot of time talking to friends today and it made me feel better. I want to thank you all for your uplifting comments and stories that you shared. They helped me so much. I won't say I am totally out of the red, but it's getting better.

I had to go to Labor and Delivery today with a nosebleed. I know sounds silly, but it lasted 40 minutes and wouldn't go away. I am on baby aspirin (which thins the blood)so I was a bit worried. After half an hour, I called the OB and they said to come in. On the way to the hospital, I started spitting up blood clots, pretty scary, but my nose had stopped bleeding. So I decided it was better safe than sorry and went on to Labor/Delivery anyway. I had to be hooked up to the machines for about 40 minutes. All was well with the baby and my bleeding had stopped so all I had to do was talk to the doc before I left. Turns out it was a midwife that thought she would treat me like I didn't know my butt from a hole in the ground. You know the type that likes to talk down to people as if they don't know that aspirin is a blood thinner or that pregnancy sometimes causes nosebleeds (already knew these things). She really made me mad when I told her that the nurse told me to come in if it didn't quit after another 10 minutes. Her reply, "Yes, I was standing right there and knew you would be here without a doubt!" She also went on to tell me that I fit right in with all the other mothers that had been coming in with colds the past few weeks. As if we all freak out about things for no reason. She told me that it will probably happen again so just wait it out because they wouldn't be able to do anything for me besides pack my nose and that wouldn't be very pleasant. DUH!! She obviously hasn't bled out of her nose for almost an hour after doing every thing possible to stop it. I have no patience for people like her. I hope and pray she's not there when I got in to Labor, or better yet if she is I will pass her right up for a "REAL" doctor.


Abbie said...

Glad you are doing much better Jodie!

I never used to like military hospitals (while I was in) because I wanted so much to say my mind to the Lt or Captain nurse that was treating me after they talked to me as if I was some child.
I hope you did to that woman, afterall you are not in the military.

Sandi McBride said...

I would have told her "You'll pardon me if I felt a 1/2 hour nosebleed might be something and I'll pardon you for thinking you know it all". Uh huh...and pardon her being a bitch as well
love ya
Aunt Sandi

JanaBanana said...

HAHAHAH! Sandi you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at Keesler when I had my first daughter Haley and the doc had the nerve to tell me at about 7.5 months that the 25 lbs had gained was too much!! It was like August in Biloxi I was so swelled up I told the head of OB and she saw me after that!! I bet Sissy is so excited about Kara!! Her and Randy were the only family I had in MS when I had Haley, I am so glad they were there.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

The good news is, all of that will soon be a memory. The bad news is, you probably won't feel kindly to anybody in that L&D while you're actually in labor. They'll tend to piss you off from the get go. I think they learn it at the military tech school they go to that allows them to be certified as nurses and such. lol Aw the fond memories I have of Eglin's Labor and Delivery....good times, good times.

By the way, I finally posted a picture of that stamp on my blog, as well as a link to the website. Now I've got to proof read the VA letter (I've been putting off doing that for way too long now), then make a gazillion copies and get the packages off in the mail to the VA, the senate and congress. And then I'LL BE FREE! Free from the burden of needing to get that done and free from the angst of having it hanging over my head. YAY! :)
Love you,