Thursday, May 15, 2008

200 wishes

Well since it is my 200th post I thought I would dedicate it to my little princess. I know all of my latest blog entries have been for her, but I am just so mesmerized right now I can't help myself. So for my 200th post I am going to write 200 wishes I have for my daughter. Kara, these are some of my wishes for your life:

1. Family to always be around you.
2. To be unselfish in love
3. Beauty, but as I can see you've already got that!
4. Brains
5. True friendships
6. Good fashion sense
7. The love of animals
8. Charm
9. Friendliness
10. A good sense of humor
11. To be athletic
12. True happiness always
13. To have a shy side
14. To like school
15. To enjoy being a child
16. A barbie doll lover
17. Manageable hair
18. To love God
19. Good complexion
20. To be close to your grandparents
21. To love little children
22. A beautiful singing voice
23. The love of pictures
24. To know the joy of sitting on a quite beach
25. Drawn to men that will treat you nice
26. Good sleep patterns
27. To love chocolate
28. Common sense
29. Love of the arts
30. The gift of drawing
31. To know that just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't do whatever you want.
32. To be playful
33. To be book smart
34. To not judge people by their looks
35. To know your parents are always there for you no matter what.
36. To know when to keep your thoughts to yourself
37. Sweetness
38. Pleasantness
39. Enjoy rain
40. Forgive easily
41. Stand up for yourself
42. Give to people who need it
43. Smile often
44. Get to know your cousins
45. Be honest
46. Remember to use your manners
47. Treat elders with respect
48. Do onto others as you want to be treated
49. Sing as if no one is listening
50. Dance as if no one were watching
51. Live each day as if it were your last
52. Enjoy hugs
53. Be close to your siblings
54. Appreciate gifts given to you
55. Always say thank you
56. Write thank you cards or emails
57. Always send out Christmas cards
58. The love of Christmas
59. To enjoy Christmas carols
60. To like Christmas movies
61. To be organized
62. To like a clean house
63. To watch out for children younger than you
64. Enjoy dressing up
65. To like scrapbooking
66. Be a cuddle bug
67. Remember when God closes a door he opens a window
68. To have healthy children
69. To have a husband that treats you like a queen
70. Know that you can do any job you choose
71. A college education
72. To be able to keep secrets (unless they will hurt someone)
73. Enjoy the sunset
74. Enjoy the sunrise
75. Write love letters
76. Be unpredictable
77. Love with your whole heart
78. Remember you have a guardian angel (your brother)
79. Always have one close friend to confide in
80. Keep things important to you like notes, pictures, and mementos
81. Remember how special you are
82. Keep in touch with old friends
83. Climb trees
84. Build forts
85. Make mud pies
86. Confidence
87. Strong both mentally and physically.
88. Not afraid to take risk
89. Health
90. Wealth
91. Good work ethic
92. Able to laugh at yourself
93. Able to see beauty in simple things
94. Enjoy nature
95. Seek adventure
96. Enjoy time to yourself
97. Be independent
98. Write in a journal
99. Befriend someone who has no friends
100. Know that prayer works!
101. Realize how much your parents wanted you and how long it took for us to get you.
102. You are a miracle.
103. Be creative
104. Use your imagination
105. Don't settle for less than you deserve.
106. Realize how beautiful you are.
107. Wish on falling stars, birthday candles, the first star you see....
108. Dream
109. Enjoy music
110. Love yourself
111. Put your family first
112. Enjoy your vegetables, LOL
113. Read books that you enjoy
114. Challenge yourself
115. Restraint
116. Empathy for others
117. Peace within yourself
118. A soulmate
119. Success in all you do
120. Curiosity
121. Skin that tans well.
122. Integrity
123. Understanding
124. Happy memories
125. A happy childhood
126. Safety
127. Gratitude
128. Responsibility for your actions
129. Motivation
130. Tolerance
131. Trust
132. Justice
133. Determination to achieve your goals
134. Consideration for others
135. Travel the world
136. Patience
137. Goals
138. Loyalty
139. Sensitivity
140. Satisfaction
141. Devotion to your family and friends
142. Knowledge
143. Courage
144. Organization
145. Make silly faces
146. Flexibility
147. Amazing teachers
148. Make homemade pizza
149. A good camera
150. Lay in a hammock on a windy day.
151. Fly a kite
152. Be proud to be an American
153. Support our military
154. Remember where you came from
155. Learn about your family
156. Make holiday traditions
157. Enjoy a new recipe
158. Watch cartoons (the good ones)
159. Take good care of your teeth
160. Take care of your body
161. Get pedicures
162. Take naps while you can
163. Good cooking skills
164. A green thumb
165. Be a bookworm
166. Enjoy your life
167. Enjoy comedies
168. Watch romance movies
169. Enjoy bubble baths
170. Plant a tree
171. Help the environment in some way
172. Mix popcorn and M&Ms, yum!
173. Good table manners
174. Take pride in your work
175. Enjoy surprises
176. Take walks
177. Relax when you can
178. Have fun
179. Show your emotions
180. Enjoy cuddling
181. Believe in yourself
182. Stand up for your beliefs
183. Eat healthy foods
184. Drink water
185. Make your house a home
186. Enjoy spending time with your father.
187. Read a comic or two
188. A good cook
189. Enjoy company
190. Enjoy playing outside
191. Good relationships
192. Enjoy Christmas decor
193. Be a mommy's girl
194. Like Carebears
195. Keep your promises
196. Laugh
197. Be truthful
198. Good judgement
199. Love, love, and more love
200. A younger sibling


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Wow! What a list. that tans well is a real biggy with you, huh? Is that why it's highlighted on the list? lol

Hope ya'll are having a great time.

Love you!

Sandi McBride said...

I noticed the high lighted bit...PLEASE PUT at least UVA50 ON THAT BABY and never let her go out in the noon day soon like Maddogs and Englishmen!
Aunt Sandi