Saturday, May 31, 2008

New pics

What a cute spider butt that is, LOL!
Looks like she has a thing or two to teach someone. I love how her little finger is pointed up.
Before her first trip to the beach. I forgot to put my card in the camera to get pics there. Not cool :(
She has such a strong grip. I love when she grabs my finger.
How cute is this? I love it because they are both looking at the camera.
Kisses from mommy!
Playing in her crib. I think this may have been the first smile pic I have gotten and it's not even a huge smile. I love this little onesie on her. It says love me, which fits her. She loves attention. If you hold her and don't talk to her she will fuss at you.

She has a habit of playing like she is asleep. She will look at you and then close her eyes really quick and act like she's asleep. I know better.
Proud sister, Maddy. We did a little photo shoot in her room. I love Maddy's hair this short.

Her new friend Spiderman. She loves him. I know it's probably because he's red. They say babies are attracted to bold colors, but I would rather think it's just cause he's so cute.

I love when she makes funny faces like this.
I couldn't resist getting this picture. How sweet is that? They fell asleep on the couch together after he got off work one day.
I hate to say it but she looks just like a little monkey in this one. But you must know I think monkeys are adorable.
This is her preferred way to sleep, on her side with her hands by her face. Almost looks like she's praying. CUTE!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I love these pictures!! I love the ones of Maddy and Kara, I love the one where she's pretending to sleep (lol), I love the one of her sleeping on her side and I love the one of my baby holding his baby. I think Kara's nickname is going to have to be Monkey. Moose and grandkids are becoming their own zoo. lolol

I'm on Randey's laptop right now, but when I get upstairs, I think I'm going to have to steal some of these and post them on my blog. They're SO FLIPPIN' CUTE!

Love ya'll!
(Tell your mom hello for me!!!)

Anonymous said...

She looks like a mini you Jodie!!

Dawn (Hayes)

Sandi McBride said...

She is so beautiful...we love all the new pictures, keep 'em coming! Have you gone over to JanaBanana's and seen little Autumn? She's a beauty, too!
Aunat Sandi

Anonymous said...

Used you on my page .hope you don't mind.

JanaBanana said...

GORGEOUS! She is precious :)
I miss ya!