Sunday, November 2, 2008

Behind already but that's me these days.

So I wanted to post everyday on the things I am thankful for, but it seems I am already running behind. Figures. Anyway first and foremost I want to say I am thankful for my faith. These next few days are so important to me. With the presidential election coming to an end, I find myself praying throughout the day that God will provide us with a leader that will not only help our country but will be under his hand. I am going to be a wreck on the morning of the 5th for me (Nov. 4th for the US). However in saying that I am trying to keep optimistic about it. I have to at this point. The so called polls are all pointing the other way and I am trying my best to not believe them. I know I am getting off track. Point is I love God and am so thankful that I have him in my life. I can't remember a time that I didn't and that is so very comforting. I have faith in him and what he has in store for our country.

Secondly, I am thankful for the gift of motherhood. I always knew I wanted children. I grew up playing with dolls. I am thankful that I was able to have my children. So many people miss out on the opportunity to have babies. I feel so blessed that I was able to do so. To be able to feel their little arms and feet moving around in my belly. It was the coolest feeling EVER!! I wouldn't change that for anything. Kara brings joy to my life everyday. She's so amazing, wonderful, and awesome!! I wish that I could have enjoyed these times with Conner. Everyday is something new and it's so much fun. I always knew it would be cool but I didn't realize how great being a mother would truly be.


Donna said...

You were made for mommyhood, and I can hear your joy loud and clear!

I'm praying too. God bless this country and its citizens who hold it dear.

Sandi McBride said...

Things have a way of working out, Jodie. Try to just remember that God will not allow any harm to befall this great nation, we are under His watchful eye and in the Palm of His comforting hand, safe and warm in the Spirit...
Aunt Sandi