Thursday, March 12, 2009

My little graduate

Playing in the balls
Kara, Ms. Larrissa, and Bebo the bear.

So proud of her certificate!

It's been six weeks since we began our baby sign language class and now it's over. I enjoyed learning the signs and Kara loved playing with the other kids. So far Kara has signed "more" a few times and "brush". I couldn't be more proud. She has really started to pay attention to the signs that I show her. From my understanding she will be signing on her own before I know it. I have always wanted to learn how to sign. I tried taking a course in college, but the class didn't have enough participants. Then I tried to learn at church a few years back but the class was canceled due to the teacher having some issues at home. Therefore when I found out they were teaching a class here, I signed up as soon as I could. I was even more excited that it was a class for babies. I learned about 50 signs that I can use with Kara everyday. Things like: eat, drink, milk, sleep, bath, dog, cat, cheese, cookie, and toothbrush to name a few. I've been teaching them to Nick every week. He has really done well using with her too. Studies have shown that teaching your child to sign cuts down on tantrums because they have a way to show you what they want. I am really hoping this is true. Also it's supposed to help them learn to talk sooner. It was a great experience for us ; I can't wait to take the next one. Since yesterday was our last class Kara received a little diploma. It was so cute!!!

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JanaBanana said...

Awww how cute! I have thought about baby sign in the past too...