Monday, March 23, 2009

Queen O' The Green

Playing with her green block!

She looks so beautiful in this pic!

Who me? No way mom, I would never do anything that crazy....

For Kara's 1st St. Patrick's Day we did a little photo shoot. It was quite challenging being that she hates things on her head, because I got her the cutest little headband to wear. As soon as I would get it on her head and get the camera ready she had pulled it off. After a half hour of doing this over and over I finally managed to get a few shots. The balloons were a great attention getter. The only problem was getting her to stop trying to eat them. She's teething pretty bad these days and EVERYTHING finds it way into her mouth. I am most certain she has swallowed at least one hair rubber band. It's kind of scary how many times I have caught her with things in her mouth that most certainly don't belong there. On St. Patrick's Day her daddy had to leave for a trip so we had to find something to entertain ourselves. What better way celebrate than to make some lasting memories with pictures? Here my little Queen O' The Green!

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