Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby furniture

It's here, it's here!! I had all of intentions to wait for my crib and changing table, but things didn't work out that way. I had found a really great crib with an attached three drawer/three shelf combo. It was cherry wood (my favorite wood) and I was so excited to get it. However I went to order it from the furniture store and was told they no longer carried it here. They said they may be able to get it from the states but it would take up to six months!! What?? My baby will be here in three. So I asked the lady about the things they had in the store. She said they had just got a shipment in and that they usually don't get them but every three months. She said I would have to bring the tickets up to the counter to see if the items were available. So I went and found the same kind of crib I was wanting (cherry wood that grows with baby) and a changing table to match. Luckily they had the items in so I went ahead and ordered them. They delivered them the next day! What was even more exciting was that the changing table was already assembled so I got to put all her clothes and stuff in it yesterday. I know to some people it may seem silly to be excited over this but to me it's a HUGE deal. I never got to do these fun things for Conner. I feel so blessed and happy!


Sandi McBride said...

I know you're excited...I love cherry wood...the changing table is wonderful...never get rid of it, you'll have lots of uses for it!
Aunt Sandi

JanaBanana said...

Very pretty :) I love shopping for babies...
Cant wait to see pics of your nursery all done up.