Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nursery delay

Well it seems that I may have a nursery delay. I have my crib and changing table, it's just that I am having to wait to get the crib put together later than I intended. At first I was furious at my husband, mad that he didn't see the importance of it like I do. He wanted to wait to do it until April or late March ( I am due May 7th, but measuring a week big which would put me having her in late April). I, on the other hand, wanted it up the end of this month so that I would be able to start decorating and getting everything organized. Being that we only have two bedrooms (ours and Maddy's) we were going to set up the crib in our loft (where my computer is) until after Maddy returns to Florida. So I was going on about how I wanted him to move the computer so I could put the crib on the other wall so I could hang some things. He (my husband) felt that there was no point to decorate in here since we will be moving the crib a couple of months after she's born. He told me that my problem was that I am nesting (not something a hormonal woman wants to hear). Well, be it nesting or not I feel this huge need to get things done. I figure this time next month I am going to have a lot harder of a time getting around and would feel better if things were inorder. I have been going through all of our closets and cleaning everything out. I just want to have things done so I won't have to worry if she were to show up early. I have this huge fear of her being early since Conner was. I know that things with him were different, but I still can't shake the feeling that she will be early too. So here I am feeling all out of sorts. I have finally concluded that the crib being up is not that big of a deal. I had planned on putting her in it for her naps, but I will have her pack n play for that. She will be sleeping in our room the first month or so anyway so that she won't bother Maddy's sleep (plus I am sure I will be overly paranoid wanting to keep her close). So I do feel very disappointed about not having a nursery to take pictures of for everyone to see. I feel so envious of Jana's nursery that's done up all cute, love the pink and brown!! I am still trying to figure out how I will even do the nursery. I have yet to order my bed set, but I have it picked out (purple and butterflies at Target called Sugar Plum). I am going this Saturday to my friends house to see what all she has that she wants to get rid of. I know I am getting a rocker and running stroller from her for sure. I know it will all come together, but the overwhelming need to get things done is driving me bonkers. Hopefully this weekend I will get some things bought and will feel better. Anyone else have this issues when you were pregnant??


Anonymous said...

Men just don't get the nesting thing, do they? I just enjoyed looking at the room all done up for several months even if our little one didn't sleep in it for a long time!

Jan from Unique Baby Gear Ideas, Decorating Tips and Modern Pink and Brown Nursery Themes

JanaBanana said...

I think if you hormone out enough on him you might get your way LOL!
Keep working on him!! He will have to come around if he see's his pregnant wife on the floor trying to put together a crib..
shhhhh, you didnt get that from me ;)

JanaBanana said...

Jan must have seen that I was doing a pink and brown theme? For the link?
Going to take a peek now