Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Dinner at Capital's Steak house off base. The whole gang!
My mom, Frank, Maddy and me at Ocean Expo Park.
My mom and Maddy near a cherry blossom tree.
Mom and Frank at the Botanical Gardens.

So I know it's been weeks since I have blogged and to be honest it has driven me a little nuts. I have had so much go on that I wanted to blog, but life has got in my way. Last week my computer went crazy. Turns out it had 7 viurses that caused my compter to be totally striped. So now I am having to start all over with my favorites and everything. On a happier note, my mom and step father came to visit for two weeks. It was a really nice time; I hated to see them go. We took them around to various places. Of course it rained almost every day they were here so it put a bit of a damper on a few of my plans. However we made the best of their time here. Above is a few pics of some of the places we went. I will have to post more later. It was so nice to have family visit. Being in a foreign place you realize the importance of family and having them around. It is very hard sometimes to be this far away and not being involved in your families life. Sometimes it feels like you are forgotten and out of the loop. I was so thankful for the time we all spent while they were here. I know they had an interesting few weeks that they will never forget. Frank (my step father) was amazed by the cars here. He loved the little vans and wanted to take on home. My mom thought the trees were funny too. There is so much here that I wanted to show them but it's hard to cram it all into two weeks, but I hope they enjoyed what they did see. They hope to visit again before we leave.

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