Monday, November 17, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

November 13th- I am thankful for fresh air. Sounds kind of crazy but it's it nice to go outside and get some air? I love this time of year when the temperature is cooling down and it feels so nice out in cool air. Love it!

November 14th-I am thankful that I get along with my in laws. I have several friends that despise their in laws. I am so lucky to have a nice relationship with mine. I couldn't be more pleased with mine. It makes for an even happier time when we can all get together without drama!!

November 15th-I am thankful for pictures! Yes pictures! I am thankful for them because they are our link to the past to memories. Isn't if cool to look at pictures of yourself as a baby and then see the comparison in your children? On Saturday we did pictures with our friends on a cool beach here in Okinawa and it was so much fun. I will post some later....

November 16th-I am thankful for fresh produce. We went to a little store off base and bought some fresh lettuce and a few other things. It was so nice. We came home and had a salad for dinner. That was the first time that I have ever bought food off base that wasn't in a restaurant. I know, I've been here almost 3 years so that's kind of crazy, but I will be returning to do it again once we get back from the states. And if I remember I will try to take pictures in the grocery store to let you see what stuff looks like. :)

November 17th- Wow Kara turned 7 months old today. I can't believe it. Time is just flying by. On reflection of today I will say I am thankful for a routine. No just in my everyday life but in things that you always know are going to happen or something you are going to do. It's a little comfort that we all have. Most people have their morning routine that feels comfortable. I enjoy mine and am thankful for that.

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