Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beautiful ending to a sad day

As you may have read it was my son's birthday yesterday. So, of course I was sad and depressed. But I felt a little better when we decided to do the celebrating part of the day. We have made a tradition of having a cake and sending balloons with letters that we plan on doing every year. This year I made cup cakes because I had found some superman cupcake holders and toppings that were really cute. So I made those with the funfetti cake because it has little yellow, red, and blue bits in it. Next, we went and got the balloons blown up and found another balloon to add to the three we had. They had a superman one that said, "Happy Birthday" on it. I was very excited to get it. It had been a cloudy day, so I was kind of bummed that the pictures wouldn't come out too great, but something amazing happened. We went down to the marina to let them go and the clouds opened up and the sun shined so bright. It was beautiful. Then as soon as the balloons were almost out of sight the clouds starting closing back in. I truly feel that it was some kind of sign saying Conner was getting the balloons we sent him. It was a very sad but tender moment for us all as tears ran down our faces. So today I have to say I am thankful for things that bring warmth, weather it's a hug from a loved one, a nice cozy fire, a smile, or just the sun shining down at the right time.


Kari said...

The picture of Nick standing in front of the sunlight had me crying something awful.
I'm glad the heavens opened up so Conner could get his balloons. That makes me feel better...

Anonymous said...

It had me crying too. What a beautiful picture of you guys and Connor was right there with you.


Sandi McBride said...

I know that's what happened, Conner got his balloons and your love...course, he always has that love! Beautiful pictures
love to all of you
Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wallace