Monday, February 4, 2008

4D ultrasound

The arm and the face.
Arm and face with the best view.
Arm covering the face.
Looks like she's scratching her head.
Arm over head, some body and the knee.
Maybe she had a headache.
Chubby cheeks.
Her pretty face.

Finally after all the wait, I got to see my baby's sweet face. It was so awesome, I couldn't believe it. At first you couldn't see the face because the arm, hand, and foot (which was huge) were in the way. As of right now she's breech, luckily there's time for her to change. Bad news is that both Nick and I believe we saw boy parts rather than girl ones. It really freaked me out. I thought it was just me but then Nick said he saw it too so we got the girl to go check and then the foot was blocking that area. So maybe what we saw was a toe or something else, I don't know. I guess I will have to wait on the cute purple, pink, and brown things I had planned on ordering today. YUCK!!! I hate waiting, I am terribly impatient. I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 11th (next Monday) so hopefully they can easy my worries then. I would of course love a boy too, but I have so much pink and purple already. Oh well, I know it will work out for the best. As long as it's healthy it won't matter. I got a tape of the whole ultrasound that I am going to try to convert to DVD. If I figure it out I will post it on my blog so you can see if you see what I saw. I am going to keep calling the baby a girl for now. Could you imagine me having to bring my son home in a princess outfit? Nick would die. He would probably make me put him in only a diaper and blanket. So until next week, I will be sitting here wondering, waiting, going nuts. Wish me luck. I know Aunt Sandi, I need to stop, I hear you echoing in my head.


Sandi McBride said...

That's exactly what I was saying, girl you need to quit it now! I can't believe how far you've come in such a short time...guess it doesn't feel short to you, though. Take it easy, enjoy these next couple of weeks cause the closer the time comes, the less sleep you're going to get...the super bowl may be over here, but it's just beginning for you and before long Kara will be in the end zone!
Aunt Sandi

Anonymous said...

Go search the chinese gender and it will be a chart about your age at the time of conception and the month. Now it worked for me on both of my girls and for all of my friends so see if it tells you girl or boy?? I would look for you but I don't know the info you need.


JanaBanana said...

Those chinese charts only got 3 of my 5 right LOL! SO no way do you believe in those :)
Try not to worry, I am the same way though because I was only 17 weeks at my US... I get another one thank goodness for confirmation on my end.

Kara is ADORABLE!~ You may think Im crazy, but I think she looks like you already!

JanaBanana said...

oops I meant 2 of my five right (so far) The charts said boy for me now, but they U/S says girl...