Monday, February 11, 2008

My top ten reasons I dislike living in Okinawa

1. Of course my number one reason is being away from family and friends. There is nothing that is ever going to make up all the time we are losing with them and it really, really stinks!

2. Having to take that long flight everytime we want to go home, which is usually a day of travel. I am going to include how much it cost in this one too. The price of plane tickets is insane!!

3. Knowing that Kara isn't going to know her family until she's over 2 years old, it breaks my heart.

4. Sushi and the other weird foods they eat. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't smell it on every corner. I have no idea how they manage to eat that stuff; it smells so horrid!

5. The weather is horrible. Your seasons here go as followes: Jan-May: cool tempuratures with rain, rain, and more rain, and lots of wind. May-Dec: Hot, hotter, and hottest with terrible humidity. Sometimes wind, which helps the heat a little. For someone who doesn't like being hot or rain, this really sucks!

6. Not knowing where in the world you are going because a) you can't read the signs and b) their signs are just as backwards as their driving is.

7. The Shopping is horrible, that is unless you like asian decor (I don't at all), which here isn't like the asian decor in the states. Here it looks cheaply made and minature everything. This should have been my #2 reason. I miss the malls, Walmart, Target, all of it.

8. You can't get the food you want. I want some Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Wendy's, Dominos, Taco Bueno (Nick would die for some of it), and so many other restaurants. Man now I am hungary. :(

9. Here's some gripes about living on base: we have no fence for my dogs to run in, so I have to walk them everytime they need to go out, you have to show your ID almost everywhere you go, and they keep all the movies at the BX at $19.95, this my friends is not a deal!!

10. Living over here, we have to get everything shipped in so we have spent probably over $1000 in shipping things from (for family and friend gifts) and to here. I am not exaggerating this one. YUCK!

Okay so I will stop, I know I sound incredibly mean with some of the things, but they get old. I could actually add a few more things to the list like the road tax and lack of clothes here, but I don't want to sound too bad, now do I???

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Sandi McBride said...

Of course the dogs got my main attention...are you not allowed to put a fence up at all? Not even to fence in a small area of the back yard so you can just let them run out a minute before bed time? And I'm with you on the sushi...I don't eat bait, I fish with it...I don't think I could do the weather thing...but chin up, Babygirl, it'll be over before you know it...
Aunt Sandi