Monday, February 11, 2008

My top ten reasons I like living in Okinawa

1. It has given me a little culture, which is always nice to learn. Use both hands when giving and receiving money, bow when saying thank you (Arigato), and never leave your chopsticks on your plate after you've eaten to name a few...

2. Capital Steak House- they have the best teppanyaki EVER! We eat there at least once a month. They serve it with rice/bread, soup, salad, potatoes, and bean sprouts, it's quite a meal.

3. I feel tall a lot of times, which never happened in the states. The Okinawans are so cute and little. Sometimes I can see the top of their heads. I find it amusing.

4. The Tex Mex restaurant!! Yes it's true, we enjoy a mexican restaurant in Japan. It has the best mexican food. If only it weren't so durn expensive.

5. The trees are pretty awesome. They come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of them have funny roots too!

6. The 100 yen stores, because they have such weird little things. You always find stuff and pick it up thinking, "What in the world is this for?"

7. It's kind of cool to say you live in another country and Kara will get to have that on her birth certificate, so that is neat!

8. Okay so now I am the beach I guess because it's so close. It's just hard to say that's a reason because of growing up in Florida, I always had it near.

9. My house and view are nice too. I always wanted stairs for some reason, which I now have. I am hoping it is keeping my butt in shape somewhat. And the veiw is really nice. We can see the flight line and the ocean.

10. I guess my final reason would be because I now know how to drive on the left side of the road. I was scared to death at first but now it's so natural. Even when I came back to the states it was an easy transition, so I have to appriciate that!!

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