Friday, February 8, 2008

Needing advice

Okay so being that I have never raised a baby I am a little clueless on what all I need. I have compiled a list of the things I already have. Therefore I am asking all you mothers out there to advise me on what else I need to buy.

0-3 Months:

25 sleepers

11 newborn onesies

14 0-3 months onesies

5 outfits

2 shirts

6 pair of pants

3-6 Months:

7 sleepers

9 onesies

8 outfits

1 shirt

2 pair of pants

1 pair of shorts

6-9 Months:

2 sleepers

11 onesies

10 outfits

2 shirts

1 pair of pants

I have 12 month clothes too but I figure by then I will know what I do and don't need. I also made a list of the other things I have.

16 bibs

7 hats

15 burp cloths

12 blankets

6 recieveing blankets

6 pacifiers (newborn and stage 1)

2 pair of slippers

8 pair of booties

29 pair of socks (from newborn up to 9 months)

2 robes (they say 0-9 months)

2 crib sheets

4 pair of newborn shoes ( I have shoes ranging up to size 4)

1 pack of 40 newborn diapers

1 pack of 60 size 1 diapers

1 large pack of baby wipes

1 nail clipper

10 bottles

1 bottle cleaner

2 containers to put formula in for on the go

3 baby towels

10 baby washclothes

1 baby brush and comb

baby book

strollers (both regular and jogging)

car seat



diaper changing table


Okay so that's about it. I know that I will of course need more diapers and wipes. I have also been told to buy more crib sheets. I know I will get some things I need at my shower (March 1) so I am waiting until after that to buy much more. Although the baby sale here is at the end of the month so I am going to buy my pack n play then. So anyway, if you have any advice, please let me know. I hope you all have a nice weekend.


JanaBanana said...

Yes more crib sheets, and bassinet sheets if you have that?
Also I have cloth diapers that I use for spit up rags and also for backup if I run out of diapers or get low...
You should also get one of those nose asperator things, to clean her nose or her mouth as sometimes they can choke on phlem and boogies and its really hard to pick a newborns nose HAHA!
I think you have enough socks to last her through college :)
Oh Baby Monitor FOR SURE! I didnt see that on your list? That is a must...
And thermometer?
Did you see about the BPA found bottles? Im getting all glass bottles this time around.
Diaper creams??
Oh Oh Oh .. a baby bathtub :) You will need that for sure.. they are so slippery when wet LOL!
Hmmmmmm I think that might be it.. If I think of more I will let you know...
My babyshower is the 22nd of March, and I will go shopping after that. I still have to get a carseat too... trying to find a nice one we like.
Ok I have written a book :)

Sandi McBride said...

lots and lots of diapers...and don't let that ugly green to black poop you'll see the first couple of days upset's just a system purge...scared the dickens out of me the first time I saw it! I think Jana may just have you covered...
love and hugs to all
Aunt Sandi