Saturday, August 9, 2008

At play...

My animals at play. Chloe is obviously going to win this one.
Kara playing on her play mat. She just adores it. That blue thing is a little monkey.
This is my husband playing with one of Maddy's classmates at her birthday party last year. He's just a big kid at heart.

It's that time again. Brenda's photo challenge was "play" this week. I actually didn't have a hard time at all for once. I know it's not terribly creative, but I tried to capture different sources of play. I can't wait to see what everyone has for this week. If I knew how to add the list of participants I would, my apologies. Happy blogging!


joan said...

I love all of your play photos. Kara is. What a minute, I just realized your Kari daughter in law. Anyway your little Kara looks alot like my newest granddaughter Sydney.

Donna said...

I'm SO Glad I check!!! You didn't sign in on the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog, so I don't think anyone knew you were Playing!! I'll add your name for you!!!
These are Wonderful!! Well Done sweetie!!

Donna said...

Great play shots! Heehee, that kitty probably won the tussle!

Brenda said...

These are all so precious! Kara is growing so fast! Her personality just shines. Great work!

Jeanette said...

What great pictures! Your little girl is so very sweet and the cat/dog play is great!

Sharon Ellery said...

Great pictures. Love the jumping castle. Thanks for playing.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yeah...I'm betting Chloe was the champ of that bit of playing. lol

Kara looks adorable, of course. Love her new play thingy. I can't believe how much she changes, week by week!

And you know I love that last picture. Nick's so funny - what a goof.

Did you get your phone part in? We won't be around tonight, but if I get up early enough (sleeping in has become a real treat lately), I'll give you a call in the a.m., okay?

Love you,