Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

Cute as a button! This pic is of today.
This is my favorite outfit she has.
Another picture mom, come on!
Waiting on the doctor to come check her out. She was moving like crazy. See the paper all balled up at her feet?
Pretty in purple

She's a happy girl!
Look mom, I can hold it myself.
Yum sweet potatoes!

Talking to her Grandma on the phone.

The Okinawans love to hold her. They love her blue eyes.
She may be big but she's not that fat, SEE!
She fell asleep like this in my lap, too cute!
It almost looks like she's going to pout. My beautiful, beautiful baby! What? I am trying to play here. Happy after her bath.

PS. As of now she is still a brunette. A few people seem to think she's a redhead. Her hair is lighter in some places. For some reason my camera seems to make her hair lighter in the pics. Or maybe she's going to be a redhead after all. As of now she's still a brunette. She could be either of those are blond, since Nick was as a child. I guess we will see.


Donna said...

She is an adorable princess! Love these latest pictures.

Sally said...

Such a little doll baby. And she's growing so fast!! :)

Sandi McBride said...

She really is a beautiful baby, more and more everyday!
Aunt Sandi

Brenda said...

Oh wow she has grown. I think she is the most beautiful baby girl.
You and your family stay on my heart.
Hope you are staying strong.