Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good news and a birthday!

First let me start with telling my wonderful husband HAPPY BIRTHDAY. While it was his birthday here yesterday it's still his birthday in the states. Nick- I wish so badly that we could have been together on your birthday. I hate all the things we have missed together since you've been gone. I just hope and pray that you will be home soon. We miss you so much. When you get home we have so much to celebrate: our anniversary, Kara's milestone, and your birthday. I really hope we get to take advantage of that week you will be getting off of work to have some fun as a family. We love you!!
So now for the good news.... yesterday I sold our car!! I've had it up for sale for 3 weeks, which seemed like a long time, but it sold and for our asking price!!! I was so happy about that. I was willing to go lower on the price if we needed to but luckily it didn't come to that. I am about to go cancel the insurance on it and get some refund back from that too. I feel so happy to be able to put the money in our savings. Lord knows it's going to come in handy with our trip back to the states that we have planned for December! I can't wait! And to make yesterday an even better day... I lost a pound. I have been trying to do a whole new way of life thing with our food. I have changed all the pastas over to multi grain or wheat, brown rice. I have been doing my best to eat healthier and with lower fat content. While I don't believe I am fat, I feel that I need to lose a few pounds and be able to maintain that weight. Therefore I am doing this lifestyle change before Nick gets home so we can do it together. I had made it back to my prepregnacy weight of 125 probably two and half months after Kara was born. Before I got pregnant with Conner I was 120 and was pretty happy at that weight. After having him I never got back there. So now I am determined to make it to 120 and would really love to be 118. But even more important I want to look in the mirror and think I look firmer than I am. I know that's going to take working out, which I really hope to do when Nick gets home. I try to do little work outs here at home, but it's hard with a baby. I figure that I need to take the best care of my body that I can. That's why I am starting now before it's too late or too discouraging to do. I hope you all have a nice day. Oh and it you want to get some healthy recipes jump over to my MIL's (Kari blog and check out her new post with a few to try. Have a great day!

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