Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good news, better news, and the best news!!

So the good news is I lost yet another pound this week!! YAHOO! Now I am down to 123, only have 5 pounds to go reach my goal!! I can't believe that I have even lost any weigh, because I still feel like I eat things that are bad for me. Damn those little 100 calorie chocolate cakes. They are so freaking good! I am about to go to the grocery store and am hoping to find some new exciting healthy, low calorie foods!!

The better news is that Kara rolled over for the first time earlier this week! I was so happy that I was clapping and yelling like a fool. I was just so worried about it with all the books I was reading saying she was due to be doing that already. I know, I know all children are different. I was just worried that she hadn't reached that milestone like she had all the other ones. She is usually advanced in most things. Now I know I will be wishing she couldn't roll over, cause she's going to be rolling all over the place.

The best news is that in a little over a week from now my husband should be home. I am so excited to see him. I know that things could still happen and delay this happy reunion but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really hope Kara remembers him. In my little fantasy world she will see him and smile. I hope to have my camera handy for that moment.

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JanaBanana said...

COngrats on the weight loss.. :) Im down to 122.5! Im only gonna get to 120 as people think that 113
was too thin for my 5'5" frame...
How tall are you?
Baby is as adorable as ever :) LOVE all her hair!