Sunday, August 3, 2008

My silly girl

What did you say??
About to make her pouty face....
She must have disliked something I did or said.
Not sure why she did that face but it was funny!
She was laughing and looks so happy here!
I had just pulled her hand out of her mouth and before I could snap the picture she had it back in there.
Look at that monkey face!! Her hair is just so crazy.
This is her look when she's about done with picture taking, much like her father. LOL

It was another day that I decided to take a bunch of pictures. (Mini photo shoots is what I call them.)Kara was being silly and doing all kinds of funny faces. She's going to be quite the entertainer when she gets older. I just love all her different faces. She cracks me up. She was squealing and laughing in some of the pics and chewing her hands. I am pretty sure she's started(or about to) early teething. She is always chewing her hands and drooling everywhere. She's been kind of clingy the last few days so we will see. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up. I gave her cereal out of a spoon tonight for the 2nd time. The first time didn't go so well. She ended up spitting it all up. This time she did great with it. It was like I couldn't give it to her fast enough. She ate it all!!! So I guess I will feed her cereal every evening from now on. I am assuming that's what you are suppose to do??? It will be a new adventure for us, but I am up for the fun of it!!!

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